Are You Together??

What a busy weekend. That really about sums it up!

But you all know that it won’t stop there… Here you’re about to ender a very detailed account of what happened on my weekend in the crazystates.

Friday was fairly normal. It all started out meeting up with Andrew at work. We had originally planned on meeting there because we were to head out to the State Soccer tourny. Thursday though our plans changed and decided not to go. So from his office we went off to his house to get food, since we are both uber poor and can’t afford to eat out anymore. We get to his house and talk to his mom some about thing, and make supper. Pasta and Italian Dressing. So good! It’s such a simple meal, and it’s refreshing, and always tastes great! We made that, all whilst his mother was bitching at us about leaving, so that she and john could have the house to themselves. But right after she said that the door bell rung, and some woman and her husband came in. It was Kurtis, the weather guy from KCCI, and his wife. Who BTW is a stupid whore bitch. Even Sue said she didn’t like her. They walked around the house, and apparently had come to get paint from Sue, which they did and then stood around and talked to them forever. Itw as very wierd, and I veto the woman. I can’t stress enough how much of a stupid whore slut she is. It was funny to hear Sue make fun of her though! lol. After they left, Andrew and I finished our meal and Sue and John made out in the kitchen, so we departed with Andrew’s sister in tow. She was herself looking like a slut, and when she was on her cell phone saying that she was going to change once she got to the place we were going, Andrew said the whitty thing of “What did she bring LESS??” It was so amusing!

So we dropped the girl off and went to VWM. I hadn’t been there in forever! I mean like REALLY FOREVER. And of course, everyting was still the same-o, same-o. Nothing new really. Although I contemplated buying some shorts from Structure, because they were only $15 and they look uber cute on Andrew. I tried them on and they didn’t look so good, so I decided against it. We got bored at the mall, so we went off to Downtown. Got there and nothing was going on, so decided to go to Chat Noir. I hadn’t been there in forever and I always LOVE the food. So ask the guy at JJ’s for a phone book, find out where it is, and then head in that direction. We didn’t really think it’d be that hard to find. So we go there, and get totaly lost in the ghetto of DM. Had to stop at a DQ to ask directions, although we didn’t because Dustin called and helped us out. Thanks DW! We got there and we had a HORRIBLE waitress. She was so stupid and looked really bitchy. I got a crepe, and Andrew got a pie thing, both REALLY good! Although last time I got that crepe, it had chocolate on it, but this time it didn’t. I was sad. But it was still really good! I was going to leave a tip that night, but the waitress was such a bitch when she brought back my change that I decided not too. Whore slut. If only she had at least smiled once!

After the food we went back to downtown, and hung out ontop of a parking garage. It was very nice and we watched the moon rise, as it was nearly a full moon. Downtown DM is so pretty from up there. Andrew ended up having to pee and that was very amusing. He was just going to pee in the corner on the opposite end of the thing, but there were cops down there, so he came back to the end we were sitting on and tried peeing in a corner there, but couldn’t. It was all very amusing! And then the cop started walking around, so we left quickly. Went back to JJ’s where we saw Shelepy again. I didn’t talk to him, because we both had to go pee and he was with a bunch of people already.

Once we had both peed we broke and Andrew drove me back to my car. We hung out at the WF parking lot for a bit and then broke-broke and went home. I stayed up working on some presents and stuff tell about 2 or 3. Also made a list of all the shit that I had to remember to take to my G&G’s house the next day, and all the stuff that I had to do before I left. It was very long!

Got up Saturday morning mucho early. Did all my stuff. I drove to Ankeny for a while to get things, and ended up buying my dad some fish for the pond. I gave them to him when I got home and he seemed happy. I hope he hasn’t killed them yet. I don’t really see how he can. About 11:30 I left nad headed for Andrew’s as we were to meet at 12:15. I drove over there. Got gas at the Hy-Vee and then went on to his house. Picked him up and got a few last minute things at Hy-Vee and we were off! ROAD TRIP!

The drive down was very nice, and there weren’t many people out on the roads. We talked about a ton of random things and not much really happened. We got to Lenox about 2:30 or so. Talked to my G&G for a while and then they put us to work. I mowed the yard and Andrew trimmed the bushes. He did an excellent job too! Even my Grandpa said he did! I also had to clean some of the gutters, and that was REALLY nasty, so I just did a few feet of each one. Just enough to clear them out so that they weren’t clogged up any more. Someone else will have to do that stuff when they have more time then we did. After all the physical labor, we were both very hot and sweaty. So we went inside and took showers. (Notice the ‘s’. We did take seperate showers, thanks!) After that we ate supper, and it was UBER great! Just like always… Though the noodles were a bit darker than normal, they stil tasted wonderfull. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I want to go back and have some more now!

Once supper was over, Andrew and I helped my Gma with the dishes, and then we walked up to Cheese’s with her to get some stuff for breakfast. On the way home we stopped and talked to my GG and her company. Andrew and I talked to the guy, about how we want to travel all over… Well I talked to him, Andrew just kinda stood there. lol. Guy had a really nice rig and I totaly want one NOW! Once we were done with that we headed back to the G&G’s house. From there Andrew and I went out to the dump, and then I drove him out to Wilson’s lake. I was hoping it was empty as it normally is this time of year. But guy had said there were a lot of people out there. We got there about 8:15ish, and one side was empty and the other side was full. So we went to the empty side, which just happened to be the side that I wanted to be on anyways. Got there and walked around, they hadn’t put out all of the dock just yet, and that annoyed me. But they had some of it out, so we sat on that and watched the sun set. It was so pretty, the relfection on the lake, and the sun through the trees. And there were just enough clouds in the sky to make it all light up, purple and orange and red. But not so many that it blocked the view of the sun as it went down behing the horizon. So romantic!

We had also taken some citronella candles (again with the ‘s’, yes we took TWO) but they didn’t seem to help, so we got eaten alive by bugs. But it was still VERY nice out there. Str8 boys kept driving by though and it scared us. So we didn’t stay as long as I had wanted too. But we got to see some of the nice stars that you can see out there. At one point a car turned down the road we were on, so we quickly picked up all our stuff and went back to the truck. The car pulled up right behind us as we were getting into the truck. I was so scared. Luckly they turned around and left. I hate the fact that we have to be so scared when all we’re doing is trying to be romantic. It always ruins the times that we have together. Fucking breeders get over it! It sucks so much. As I was getting ready to go, I noticed in my mirror that the moon had finally come up enough so that you could see it. So I made Andrew get out and we went back and stood and looked at that for a while. At least we got most of the romantic things done that I had planned. Though, not all of them and that makes me sad. Perhaps we’ll have to go back. Though I’m busy looking for somewhere around here that’s just as nice, and perhaps more secluded!

We drove back to my G&G’s house. Talked to my Gma some more, ate a few cookies and then hit the sack. As the next day was going to be a LONG one!

The alarm sounded at shortly before 8:00. It scared Andrew to death. He flew off of me, and about rolled out of the bed. It was very funny. Once he regained his composure, we were laying in bed cuddling, when the 8:00 whistle went off, and that too scared ths shit out of him, and he again went flying across the room. It was very funny! We finally got out of bed about 8:30, went downstairs, did our hair/contact thing and then ate breakfast. Gma had made excellent biscuits and gravy. Andrew had never had them before, and it’s a good thing he had some that were good. Because it’s very easy to fuck them up! He seemed to like them, as he ate like 10 plates full! lol. After breakfast we packed up, stole some more biscuits and then headed out to Omaha.

Pulled into Omaha about 11ish, there was some crazy christian thing going on at the stadium, which happened to be right next to the zoo. I’d like to know who’s great ass idea it was to put a stadium and zoo next to each other. Of all things, that shouldn’t be put next to each other. We finally figured out the parking situation and got in. We were very scared because the guy infront of us handed the woman taking money a $20 and only got $2 back. So we were like. “I hope parking isn’t $18!!!!” It wasn’t though, they were taking the admission there, so that was cool. We went into the zoo and had a WONDERFULL time. It was so much fun there. A bit hot, but very nice.

There was much holding hands, and stuff. I’m sure that the breeders didn’t really like it that much, but whatever. We have a right to hold hands, etc in public. Just as they do. We walked around all day, and saw everything. It was so much fun! Andrew kept saying how cute the animals were. And it’s very true, they really are VERY cute. And so was he! He was like a child in a candy store around that place. It was just so much fun!

We kept the indoor things for last. As we were buying our Imax tickets there was this boy running the line over, and he kept staring at us. Just as we were getting out tickets he said asked us… “Are you two together?”

I was shocked that anyone would be brave enough to ask such a thing in NE. I had had a feeling that he was gay just by looking at him, but yeah. It was so cute that he asked. Andrew said, “Yeah we are.” Then gay boy said, “You two are so cute together!”

We thanked him and then went to the gift shop to wait tell the movie started. I felt so special the rest of the day, someone thinks we’re a cute couple! How cute is that! 😀

The movie was really great. It was a 3D movie and we had to wear these big ass glasses, we looked so funny in them, and we tried to make out with them on, but it just didn’t work! lol. There was some crazy guy next to us that kept tickling his child, and I wanted to slap him cause he was so annoying. And the stupid people in front of us kept trying to grab at the things. I was like, “Hello, we all know that it’s just a movie, it’s not actually moving towards you.” Dumbasses.

After the movie we went over to the aquarium. That was UBER fun. And all the fish are so cute. It’s so amazing that some of those things are actually living species. We sat by the sting rays for a while, and Andrew gushed about how cute they were. I was just happy that he was happy! He’s so cute when he’s like that. 😀

Once we were done with that, we flew through the jungle. By that time we were both getting very tired and it was getting late and we had no idea how long it would take to get back to DM. So we didn’t really look at too much of the stuff there. It all looked boring anyways. lol.

Left the zoo and drove home. That was a great ride, we just talked about a ton of random stuff and made fun of some stupid people that we know.

At one point I was doing about 75 in the fast lane passing a semi-truck. I looked behind me and see a fucking COP with his lights and sirens on. I was so SCARED. I though for sure that he was going to pull me over. So sped up and got infront of the trucker. Luckly the cop just went FLYING past me and kept on going. I don’t know where he was headed, but we never saw him have anyone pulled over anywhere. That was uber scary!

Finally got home about 7:30ish. Way before I thought we would. And the ride seemed like it went by very quickly. Once we got here we decided we had time to eat out, and we were hungry. So off to Cheddars we went. We got a really good waitress there, and she was tons of fun. Andrew paid and I left the tip. Thanks Drew Bear!

Got done at Cheddars about 8:30 and went back to his. Layed around on his bed untell 9 when I left to come back to Ames. It was very sad to leave after having spent the whole weekend with him.

Other things that happened throughout the weekend are:
1) Talked about dates for the trip to EWR and LAX. Looks like Aug 15th or so.
2) Talked about things to do in EWR and LAX.
3) Talked about dates for the trip to MCI and ORD and also things to do there.
4) Spilled the beans for some other secret plans.
5) Talked about the trip to Adventurland next weekend.
6) Perhaps a second showing at the Omaha Zoo if time permits.
7) Lots of nasty white trash breeders

I also got an invite to Angels wedding. I dunno if I’ll go or not though, as it seems that none of my hs freinds really want to hang out with me anymore. Since apparently the all hung out and neglected to call me. Whatever. I’m still undecided about going.

Lots of other shit happened that I can’t really remember right now. But I’m sure it’ll come back to me, and at that time, I won’t want to update again! lol.

I’d also like to make a public service announcement… Contrary to popular belief Andrew and I are NOT having sex. Thank you!

Ok.. On to what else has been happening…

This morning I got up early, about 7:30 or so, and showered etc. I read some more of Glover. Nearly done, I can’t wait! I then went off to class. This class should be fairly nice. The prof for it is the guy that actually started the class here at ISU 16 years ago. He now mostly teaches Grad level classes, but said that he likes to teach the summer section of this class just to keep up on the technology. He seemed really nice and like a good guy. So that’s exciting. We also picked our groups for the project, and I got into a group with people that were in my MIS 432 class last semester. They seemed to have always had thier stuff done on time. So that’s a good sign. I think the next 4 weeks will go by quickly.

Class to work, which is where I am now. I have so much shit to do that I really shouldn’t have spent most of the day writing this… In between actually working. lol.

I have lots of pics from the weekend, but I don’t know if I’ll put them up or not. We’ll have to see about that. Also need to purchase more HD space from my provider. I found out that it’s $1 a month per 100 Megs. So that’s not too bad. I only need about another 100 Megs.

Now it’s off to the private entries…

Laters all!

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  1. how many times can you say ‘whore’ in one entry? and um the jungle is one of the best parts of the omaha zoo. you must be zoo challenged. but i guess we can still be friends

  2. “Str8” and “breeder” are derrogatory terms. This is eye for an eye, and that’s not promoting of unity.

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