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Dinner and A Movie

So last night was great, not too much happened that wasn’t put on the main page. Although during the movie there was some making out/dick play. Nothing out of the pants though. Very amusing.

Getting to see Andrew again was very nice, even though it had only been a couple days. I was a bit worried because of the conversation Tuesday night, but getting to see him again put all that to rest.

The talk on Tuesday night was good overall, more things in which we’re alike. He and I both agree that minor things _DO_ infact need to be changed, not just ignored like most people would. And talking about Adam and his leg thing just re-itterated the fact that I should have gotten rid of that stupid twit so many months ago. Infact, today I was reading about stuff that happened WAY long ago. At 6 months one week I should have broken up with him… Read about it here. The more I think about it, the shorter and shorter I think my relationship with Adam should have been…

Anyways, on to more happy things. I was thinking and I guess last night was the first stereotypical date that Andrew and I have had. I mean, Dinner and a movie.. How much more str8 can you get… If we had gone out for Ice Cream afterwards it would have been even more str8. And the making out in the theater. lol. We’re so str8 sometimes! lol. But it was really good to get to go out with him and Dustin and Michael. Although I definitaly veto Michael and open shirts! Gross. I’m not lookking forward to staying in a hotel room with him!

We also made plans to go to Chicago last, which is alright with me, but I’m worried about my financial situation. I’d rather go on the more expensive one first. And I think that chicago will be more expensive. But it’s not that big of a deal, I’ll just have to save up some more money. Especially since today I went online and looked at tickets and the price has gone up some on the tickets for the crazy scheme… I should come up with a code name for that! lol.

Well whatever, after the movie and stuff back to his house. He invited me in, and I wanted too, but I knew that if I went in, I would have stayed for like another hour or more, so I decided to go. We stood out there and hugged and kissed for so long, and just talking about random things. I’m worried about him leaving, I know that I won’t want to let him go, and it’ll be so sad and there will be lots of tears. If I have to leave him in LAX it’ll be bad, but if he has to leave me here, it’ll be bad… Either way there’s going to be someone flying on a plane, crying. I’m starting to tear up just thinking about it now. Oh baby, why couldn’t you have found a closer college! Or why couldn’t I have broken up with Adam so much sooner!

I’m going to really miss my baby!

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