Another Wonderfull Day/Night

Had another wonderful day/night with Chris.

We also had a long talk yesterday about things we do and do not like being done in a relationship. I like the fact that we have the same opinions on a lot of things. For instance, we both think that small problems should be fixed. An example used was Adam’s vibrating leg that just wouldn’t quit and Chris said he used to get so mad and he’d just end up exploding. Anyways, lots was talked about and so it was all good.

today he came over… there isn’t really much that I need to put on here that I can’t write on my regular journal.

Except that when we were in the movie, we made out a little bit and pants were unzipped…no penises taken out, just rubbed through pants, but that was still pretty fun and scandalous! Considering there were breeders in the row in front of us! Ugh, why are breeders all over the place???

Anyways, so we had a really good night, and at the end, I invited him in, but he declined and I was sad b/c I *really* wanted him to stay a little longer. But He had to get home. So we stood and said goodbye for I think probably a good almost half hour. Tomorrow will suck not having him, Thursdays always suck! Though with work, working out, and then dinner with Ann H., I should at least be kept busy, so that’ll work. And then all I have to do is make it through work on Friday and then we will be together again, only to be seperated for just a few hours on Saturday, and then together all night and stuff! So yeah let’s just say that next Monday will uber suck.

Oh and while I’m thinking of it, I asked Mother today about Chris coming to NJ/LA with us to see me off to school. Mother said its ok!! So that is really exciting, and I’m glad he will be able to come, so hopefully he still wants to. I’m just afraid that it’ll make it even harder to leave… and then I’ll have to act all happy during orientation even though I won’t be. Eh, I guess I’ll just deal with things as they come, it’s best not to worry about it now.

Anyways, off to beddybyes

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