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So Scandalous

Ok. Well a TON happened on this weekend that can’t be put in the main journal.

Well, I guess not a TON. But there’s still enough that happened.

Friday night, we made out in the skywalks/elevators/on top of the parking ramp. It was SO HOT! And very scandalous, I had never done anything like that before. At one point I even got a bj in the fucking Skywalks! I probably would have cum even if I hadn’t been so nervous about it all!

After that we drove back to WF building, and made out in the parking lot. Andrew finished his bj, and I came all over the place, it was so messy. I cleaned up with some old boxers and then we threw them on the ground. lol.

Saturdy was pretty normal. In between the manual labor, and the shower we made out up in the bed room. Well we did more then made out. We were both naked and Andrew was dry humping me. It wasso hot as well! Rarr. At times Enfuego came very close, and could have probably slipped in if pushed enough… My ass was just asking for it! lol. Neither of us came though.

We went and took showers. Good times, I cleaned nicely. Although it was ruined later because I had to take care of a farting problem. Bastard Cosby Kids!

Anyways, the lake was TONS of fun! We talked and talked about HS and how we were the ones everyone hated and how back-stabing little kids can be. I also learned a little bit about his past in NJ. Which is nice, but I’d still like to know more. I think there’s a lot that he’s not telling me. It was overall a very good talk.

The lake was so romantic, and so nice. I juust really wish that I could have carried out my plans. And that there wouldn’t have been so many people there so that it would have been much more romantic if we didn’thave to keep breaking because people drove by. Very annoying.

The sunset was absolutely beautifull though! And so was the moon. Again, wish we could have stayed longer so that we could have seen more of the moon.

After we got back from the lake we went to bed. I gave Andrew a rimmy and tried fingering him again. He said that it felt good, but that my fingernail hurt some. I figured it would because it needed to cut. I just really wish that he could enjoy it more. I feel so bad when I try and fail at it. Especially when he says that he can get two of his fingers in, without problems. Perhaps he just needs some coaching or something.

Though I did finally get him to come again. Which was nice.

And then he made me cum for the second time in two days. Which is a rare/if ever thing to have happen! So that was really good.

Oh, I almost forgot. Friday night on the way home we were talking and I forget how it came up, but he said that he had gotten head from Bad Hair Boy in the JJ’s bathroom. Now I knew that he had said he had gotten head from someone in there, but I couldn’t remember who it was. I was very upset by this, and he kept saying that it was true. I didn’t really think that it was, but he was being very persistent that it was infact true, so I couldn’t help but wonder. I thought I knew him better then that to think that he would do something like that. And I was hurt that he would, and my respect for him would have dropped considerably. But anyways, the point is. I was upset, we talked. Turned out he was joking and all was fine again! Not a big enough deal to get as much space as it just did! There were much better things that I should write more about!

Sleeping with him was great, and we cuddled pratcically all night. With my arms around him. Ahhh, so wonderfull!

Sunday was really great. Being out there at the zoo holding his hand, kissing him. Having people tell us that we’re so cute together! Just wonderfully great! And he’s so damn cute sometimes. I just couldn’t get over how cute and wonderfull he was! I’m so lucky to be his bf, I hope that anyone that comes after me sees just how lucky they are!

Sunday night wasn’t so great. Leaving was very hard, to stand there and look at his face. To know that I wouldn’t be seeing him again tell Wed, that was just bad! On the drive home I was thinking about going to LA with him and how hard it’s going to be for me to leave that airport. There’s going to be so many tears. And everytime I think about it I tear up already.

Driving home sucked too. The whole weekend when I was driving somewhere I had a hand to hold onto, to kiss, to caress. But the ride back to Ames there wasn’t a hand there. There wasn’t anyone to talk to. Just an empty seat. And they aren’t as much fun to try and talk to! Fall is going to be hard.

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