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Umm. Hi?

So last night I was just planning on sitting around and working on things that I need to get done and have just been putting off. I had my music loud and my mind was focused on what I was doing.

All of sudden I thought I heard my phone ringing. So I jumped up and went out to the living room area where I keep my phone. It wasn’t ringing.

So I headed back to my room… But all of a sudden I heard this faint knock on the door. For a second I thought it was perhaps just someone knocking on another door, or a door closing or something. I knew that I wasn’t expecting anyone at my apartment. However, I wondered, and wanted to make sure there wasn’t anyone there. So I went to the door and peaked out the peep hole.

There was Andrew. Just standing there as if I had been expecting him to come. A huge smile covered my face. For a second I wondered what could have been wrong that he would have driven up to Ames. I opened the door and he smiled, I smiled back. Such a cutie.

We hugged and talked. It was so great to see him again! Even though it had only been a day.

The night was spent talking about how our days were, and watching some really dumb pornos and making fun of them. About 11:30 we decided that we wanted some icecream, so we went off to Hy-Vee and got that. It was uber good! Gma’s cookies and Ice Cream.

He spent the night, and it was wonderfull!

This morning we got up about 8 and he left to go to the dentist. I got ready and went to class. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him all day, and what a sweet thing he did. Driving all the way here just to see me!

I’m going to Waukee tonight to spend the night there. Sue and John are gone. And then tomorrow we’re spending the whole day together. I want to go Goodwilling. I’m in the mood for some really cute shirts. So lets hope that there’s something out there waiting for me! Perhaps a stop at my mom’s office as well. To get trip plans laid out. Since Andrew’s mom is being such a bitch about the whole thing. She never seems to have time to talk about anything!

Why am I so lucky to have such a wonderfull BF??

::hugs and kisses go out to my Drew Bear::

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