May 4, 2001

may 4, #2. what is it with people being stupid. ok so i had my door open,

cause you know the roomie stinks, and there’s a strong wind out today, so

i figure, open door, open window, strong current, no smell. right. well people

keep coming in looking for the roomie and when they leave they close the damn

door, it’s like HELLO. was the door closed when you came in? NO so LEAVE IT

OPEN. damnit. ok i just got back from the bathroom and well it’s split into

three areas, when you walk in there’s the middle area and it has all the sinks

and mirrors, etc. to your left is the shower and to the right are the toliets.

well ok in the middle area is someone’s bed. in the shower area there’s a

bunch of chairs and a couch, and in the toilet area there’s someone’s desk,

with thier computer on it. i wish i had a camera with film i would soooooooo

take pictures of it, lol. it’s so funny, i wonder who’s stuff it is. i also

got my hair cut today, and i also highlighted it. it’s cool now, it’s REALLY

blond, i like it. was actually thinking about getting like blue highlights

or something, cause that would just look cool, but i figured, nah, not this

close to mothers day, it would freak my mum out, lol. can

you see

it? [there’s four differnet pics


April 5, 2001

April 5, #5. ok so i’m back and while i was at the PO they said i had a package,

so i was like, ok who would that be from, cause i’ve been expecting my contract,

but i thought that would come in a normal siezed envelope, well they dug it

out and handed it to me, and the thing was like 40 pages thick, and i was

like omg, wtf is this? so i went and opened it and it was my goddamn contract

for that job, so i started reading trough it and such and yeah, it looks like

an okey job, but i’m going to reject it. cause yeah, i’ll take the shit that

pete’s going to dish out and just deal with it. yeah i guess that’s what i’ll

do. i wonder if pat’s going to work camp again, he was an asshole last summer,

i really didn’t like him, and pete, well he’s jsut an asshole all the time,

you can’t get away from that. hmm i wonder what else i might have to put up

with other then that shit. i hope allens back, he’s cute.

yeah, lol. isn’t it amazing that i can get all these pictures of people, kinda

scary though huh, no one ever know’s i might have pictures of them, lol. so

yeah, that’s that shit. now i have to write a rejection letter for this contract,

cause ya know, a scout is kind, and it would be mean to just not send it back.

lol. it’s damn thick though, i’m going to read through it tonight and see

what all it says. i might be back yet again to bitch about it, or say damn

that was a good offer. (i’m guessing i’ll bitch about it from the little parts

that i have read already). I _really_ *really* like this new layout, color,

etc. that i did 🙂

March 23, 2001

march 23. so everyone has been asking me what my fantasy is

lately, gee i don’t know where they got that idea from, to ask me that is.

so last night i wrote a short story, about 3 pages, about my fantasy, and

it got me thinking. thinking about all the great times i had camping with

a freind, nathan. he was in scouts too, he was my ASPL, assistant senior patrol

leader. and as that we were always together, at meetings, on campouts, in

our free time, he spent many weekends camping at my house. every year at summer

camp we would share a tent, everytime the troop went camping we would share

a tent. great times. and then one day, he just kinda disapreared. his parent

said he was doing bad in school, so they just pulled him out of scouts, i

haven’t seen or heard from him in over a year now. we had some great times, like when we went winter camping with the troop,

it would always get really cold, so we would cuddle up next to each other

to keep warm, and when he stayed at my house, we would both sleep in my bed.

he was really cute too. i’ll explain the picture, we were out camping and had made a kite out

of paper, but we didn’t have any string to fly it with, so we got out a fishingpole

and flew the kite with that, it works really well actually, and for being

just a paper kite that thing went really high, lol. and like at summer camp

we would both go up and take showers together, and when we got back to the

tent, we would put up like a barrier or something and we would both change

on our own side, but one of us would always rip it down, it was a race to

see who could get dressed faster and who ever did, took down the towl that

seperated our ten side. we even went skinny dipping late one night in my pool,

cause he hadn’t brought swiming trunks, so we were just like well, it’s dark,

we’ve seen each other before. but yeah, it was just like, all of a sudden

his parents cut off all contact, they stopped calling, they wouldn’t return

phone calls from anyone in scouts. they just disapered. i really miss him,

we were close friends. i wonder what happened to him. last i heard his dad

was drinking a bit to much and was out of the country alot on work. nathan

was really depressed and they had him on a whole bunch of drugs, and he was

failing most of his classes, which i can’t really see, cause he was a really

smart kid. i would like to know what happened to him. just to know. ok so

i bet you’re asking what’s up with the underlining and shit, cause it’s really

hard to read things with underline. well in here somewhere is a link to my

story, i was to lazy to look up the code to make the unerlining go away, so

i just underlined the whole thing. but be warned that finding the link is

only half the battle. you’ll have to figure out the word processor that i

use. i know julian should be able to open it, cause he said a while back that

he uses the same one that i do. or at least he did. that might be to much

of a hint, so i’m going to shut up now. ok so

i do realize that it can be opened in more well known word things, but it’s

really messy, so yeah. ok update again, like five minutes later, so i realize

that abiword docs can be opened in IE too, so i guess if you find the link

you find the doc.

March 8, 2001

march 8. So yeah, it’s march 8, oh wait it’s march 9th now,

cause it’s 12:11 am. hehe, lets see. it’s been a while since i updated. I’ve

been at my G&G’s house all week, it’s been ok. they drive me nuts more now

then what they used to. i’m really getting borthered by them, they keep bugging

me, “When you gonna get a GF” and such, i just want to scream at them, damnit,

I’M NEVER GOING TO GET A GF. i _HAVE_ a bf. arg. they just annoy me. it really

didn’t help things that i was so pissed at my PU’s for the whole room thing

either. but o well. So i left my G&G’s house today about 12:30 or so. and

i got here bout 3. here being NP, my high school. and guess what i’m still

fucking here. now 9 hours later, and i’ll prob be here another good three

hours. at least. i’m in a better mood i got to talk to danny for a while today,

i so enjoy hearing his voice. i just wish i had a picture to go with it and

all. comet is really fucking annoying the shit out of me. i want to just scream.

oh, speaking of screaming, i was sitting here in the server room and the janitors

were roaming makeing sure everyone was out of the building. and i had all

ths lights off and one of them came in the room and looked around and all

she couldsee of me was the glare on my face from the monitor and she screamed

so fucking loud, it was hilarious. OMG. lol. i was laughing soooooooooooooo

hard. no one is on aim damnit. i’m fucking bored. comet is going bloody slow

tonight too. it’s annoying the fucking shit out of me. ARG. ARG. ARG. ya know

there is so much shit here that i could just walk off with, like that new

G4 laptop that’s sitting out there, and the airport, and all these servers.

it’s dark, alleman s small no one would even notice me taking them out there.

ya know that. not a soul. hmmm, lol that would be bad. i want danny, i want

to see him, i want to hold him and never let him go, i wish that we could

go out at night together, i wish that we could see each other every day.