My Life

April 5, 2001

April 5, #5. ok so i’m back and while i was at the PO they said i had a package,

so i was like, ok who would that be from, cause i’ve been expecting my contract,

but i thought that would come in a normal siezed envelope, well they dug it

out and handed it to me, and the thing was like 40 pages thick, and i was

like omg, wtf is this? so i went and opened it and it was my goddamn contract

for that job, so i started reading trough it and such and yeah, it looks like

an okey job, but i’m going to reject it. cause yeah, i’ll take the shit that

pete’s going to dish out and just deal with it. yeah i guess that’s what i’ll

do. i wonder if pat’s going to work camp again, he was an asshole last summer,

i really didn’t like him, and pete, well he’s jsut an asshole all the time,

you can’t get away from that. hmm i wonder what else i might have to put up

with other then that shit. i hope allens back, he’s cute.

yeah, lol. isn’t it amazing that i can get all these pictures of people, kinda

scary though huh, no one ever know’s i might have pictures of them, lol. so

yeah, that’s that shit. now i have to write a rejection letter for this contract,

cause ya know, a scout is kind, and it would be mean to just not send it back.

lol. it’s damn thick though, i’m going to read through it tonight and see

what all it says. i might be back yet again to bitch about it, or say damn

that was a good offer. (i’m guessing i’ll bitch about it from the little parts

that i have read already). I _really_ *really* like this new layout, color,

etc. that i did 🙂

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