My Life

April 5, 2001

april 5, #4, so i’m talking alot today, alright, so i got this phone call

from my boss last summer, and he’s still bothering me about working here this

summer, and i was like, alright, what can you offer me, and he’s like wel

i got an eagle bound position for $300 a week. and i was like, ok that’s cool.

so we got to talking about it and such and i was like, alright, damnit, do

i take the other job or do i get paid almost 3 times more and stay here in

iowa? it would be a bit better, cause then i wouldn’t have to travel all that

far and i would be able to get home and do the whole e-mail thing over the

summer, but then if i stay here, my "plans" won’t work out. which

is sad, but i need that extra money and such. so yeah. we’ll see. i’m sending

in the applicantion tonight, and i should have the contract in a couple weeks.

oh on other topics, incase you hadn’t noiced i changed the name of this page,

i’m going to try and make it more of a journal then just a place for me to

bitch about things, and such, yeah. cause well yeah. i know what i’m talking

about. ok i have to get to the PO before it closes, laters.

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