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April 5, 2001

april 5, #3, omg i can’t believe i just sat trough a fucking hour of that.

so here’s the basic jist of it all, some parents are having coed sleepovers,

right, the parents stay up all night, with the kids and are usually in the

same room. i have no problem with that, other people were bitching that they

are having sex, etc. in these parents homes, i just don’t get it. <political

statment> i think that if a parent trusts thier kid they should let them

have ceod sleep overs, it’s other people’s jobs to tell this parent that they

can or can’t do this, if they don’t want thier kids going to these coed sleep

overs then don’t send them to them. but i think that the problems we hare

having in todays youth is that the parents are just using the computer and

tv and such to parent thier kids, they need to have a more open relation ship

with thiers kids and then just need to spend more time with them. i also think

that we need to give younger kids more resposibilities other then having the

government just say no that’s illegal, it’s the parents jobs, not the governments

</political statement> so that doesn’t really get my view across very

well, but yeah, deal with it cause i have to get to class.

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