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April 6, 2001

april 6, so incase you hadn’t noticed i’ve been enojying css lately. but

i’ve decided that i don’t like this newest at the bottom and i also don’t

like the newest at the top form, the files are just getting to big, so what

i want to do it creat a new system, kinda like vero’s

where each page has it’s own page type thing, but i want a cgi script that

will automatically add the Next, Previous link at the bottom of the page,

i figure it could be done with a cgi script and a server-side include, but

i don’t know how it would be done. currently i have a naming convention, it’s

**-00-**.shtml for each month so like this month it’s 04-00-01.shtml well

i figure i could do that with each day so like today would be 04-06-01.shtml,

and i could get a cgi script to look for the next date, and then make the

link on the server-side include page to the next page and do the opposite

for the previous page, but like i said i don’t know cgi, and i haven’t found

anything on the internet for it, so if _ANYONE_ knows or has an idea that’s

better then mine and would like to take a shot at it, tell me 🙂 it would

be greatly appriciated. I also have another page where the naming convention

is **-**-**.*.htm for example like the first update for today would be 04-06-01.1.htm

and the second for today would be 04-06-01.2.htm, etc and i’d like to do the

same for that page as well, cause right now it’s just got one main page with

over 116 links on it to date, and it grows a couple times a day. so yeah,

that would be really good to get that page with that type of system. ok so

notice i havn’t bitched about the contract yet, you should be happy cause

it was a shity contract. and i could really go on and on about it, lol, but

i won’t so laters for now.

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