My Life

May 4, 2001

may 4, #2. what is it with people being stupid. ok so i had my door open,

cause you know the roomie stinks, and there’s a strong wind out today, so

i figure, open door, open window, strong current, no smell. right. well people

keep coming in looking for the roomie and when they leave they close the damn

door, it’s like HELLO. was the door closed when you came in? NO so LEAVE IT

OPEN. damnit. ok i just got back from the bathroom and well it’s split into

three areas, when you walk in there’s the middle area and it has all the sinks

and mirrors, etc. to your left is the shower and to the right are the toliets.

well ok in the middle area is someone’s bed. in the shower area there’s a

bunch of chairs and a couch, and in the toilet area there’s someone’s desk,

with thier computer on it. i wish i had a camera with film i would soooooooo

take pictures of it, lol. it’s so funny, i wonder who’s stuff it is. i also

got my hair cut today, and i also highlighted it. it’s cool now, it’s REALLY

blond, i like it. was actually thinking about getting like blue highlights

or something, cause that would just look cool, but i figured, nah, not this

close to mothers day, it would freak my mum out, lol. can

you see

it? [there’s four differnet pics


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