My Life

May 4, 2001

may 4, I’M DONE WITH CLASSES. FINALLY. it appears though that my roomie is

going to skip his last day of classes. he’s still in bed. where’s ben since

9:30 last night, i mean comon i sleep alot but even i don’t sleep that much.

he’s actually got a job now on tues, thurs. so he’s been sleeping a normal

schedule, which has been better, but it’s getting kinda annoying cause he’s

been going to bed earlier then me lately. lol. god i can’t beleive i’m done

with classes. the PU’s should be here tomorrow sometime, i dunno when exatly.

but yeah. i gotta get up early to get my laundry and shit done before they

get here, and also before everyone else gets up and gets theirs in there.

the week before finals it always seems that the laundry machines really kick

up thier usage, lol. nathan and i have been talking alot lately, pretty much

about nothing. computers and that kind of shit, i want to talk to him about

other stuff but he always changes the topic when i bring something else up.

i dunno, i’m going to his house sometime, i’ll corner him and make him talk

to me. i have this thing, everyone knows i do, i want to know what everyone

else is doing. lol. ok this is weird, i just checked my pages hits for yesterday

and today, well i had someone from BYU at my page, and also someone from bard

college in NY. odd. and what’s even weirder is that they are direct hits,

not linked from somewhere. so they must know me, but i don’t know anyone from

either of those areas. oddness. and plus you’d think that byu people wouldn’t

be able to get to the internet. you know, to much coruption. lol.

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