My Life

March 8, 2001

march 8. So yeah, it’s march 8, oh wait it’s march 9th now,

cause it’s 12:11 am. hehe, lets see. it’s been a while since i updated. I’ve

been at my G&G’s house all week, it’s been ok. they drive me nuts more now

then what they used to. i’m really getting borthered by them, they keep bugging

me, “When you gonna get a GF” and such, i just want to scream at them, damnit,

I’M NEVER GOING TO GET A GF. i _HAVE_ a bf. arg. they just annoy me. it really

didn’t help things that i was so pissed at my PU’s for the whole room thing

either. but o well. So i left my G&G’s house today about 12:30 or so. and

i got here bout 3. here being NP, my high school. and guess what i’m still

fucking here. now 9 hours later, and i’ll prob be here another good three

hours. at least. i’m in a better mood i got to talk to danny for a while today,

i so enjoy hearing his voice. i just wish i had a picture to go with it and

all. comet is really fucking annoying the shit out of me. i want to just scream.

oh, speaking of screaming, i was sitting here in the server room and the janitors

were roaming makeing sure everyone was out of the building. and i had all

ths lights off and one of them came in the room and looked around and all

she couldsee of me was the glare on my face from the monitor and she screamed

so fucking loud, it was hilarious. OMG. lol. i was laughing soooooooooooooo

hard. no one is on aim damnit. i’m fucking bored. comet is going bloody slow

tonight too. it’s annoying the fucking shit out of me. ARG. ARG. ARG. ya know

there is so much shit here that i could just walk off with, like that new

G4 laptop that’s sitting out there, and the airport, and all these servers.

it’s dark, alleman s small no one would even notice me taking them out there.

ya know that. not a soul. hmmm, lol that would be bad. i want danny, i want

to see him, i want to hold him and never let him go, i wish that we could

go out at night together, i wish that we could see each other every day.

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