My Life

March 12, 2001

March 12, This is going to be a morbid update, but i figured

i should tell people how to get into my computer incase anything ever happens

to me. lol. so yeah. if anything ever happens to me. look around for a red

zip disk. it’s not labeled. but is kept in a zip case that has masking tape

all over it. That disk contains all the important information about my computer,

including backups of stuff that has been deleted off the HD and my passwords

and login-s for everything, it also has a map to my insane directory structue

on my computers and lists of all the root acess and contacts i have. You’ll

need to password for it, which is the name of the song that i have the most

copies of (four copies, by two artists), with no spaces and the ‘ is included

in it. You’ll then have to find the file called “Passwords and Stuff”

the passwrod for that file is the Full name of my first “crush”

back in 7th grade. the persons initials are “JAG” so you can figure

that one out. lol. so yeah, there ya go. on to other things. my Econ teacher

is really nuts.

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