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March 13, 2001

March 13. so yeah. hmm, I’m going on a quest to get all the

songs from some of the good oldies people, like led zepplin, ABBA, Pink Floyd,

etc. you would be amazed by thenumber od songs these people have, i’m going

to have to some up with a new dir structure for my MP3’s if i get even half

these songs. my god. Today i’m working on getting all the songs by lighthouse,

i know they aren’t oldies, but i was like hey they don’t have many, that’s

a good spot to start, lol. and plus i don’t think this injunction shit applies

to most of the oldies bands, correct me if i’m wrong, lol. i curently have

466 songs. I’m hoping to at least doulbe that by summer, cause ya know, i

won’t be able to download anything over summer and i want a stock of songs,

so i don’t get bored with them, lol. so yeah, if you got any suggestions on

what to dl e-mail me, eh. I’ve been having an oldies craving, so that’s what

i’ve been getting lately, but anything is fine really. unless it’s rap or

country, yucky. so yeah, other than that not much up here today. i went to

american government, and as usual the prof didn’t know what he was talking

about. then i went to boring ass Programming. he tuaght us how to read and

write to a file, somthing that i’ve known how to do for a while now. dumbfuck.

i redesigned my main page today, it’s really nasty looking, lol. but i was

like, yeah, i don’t care, i couldn’t come up with anything better that early

in the morning, i’ll leave it for a few days, see whati come up with. this

semester is going by so fast really, ya know. it’s kinda good and kinda bad.

i need to study some more but i just don’t have the motivation to get it done.

All my classes are so fucking boring. Oh, yeah, speaing of studying, on the

last gov test, he gave us that same question that i bitched about a while

ago. and he gave people extra credit, i got 14 points back so i got a B something

on it now, i was happy. so i should have like a B+ in that class now. yeah,

it’s all good, now i just have to worry about that accounting test we took,

it’s been almost 2 weeks and he still hasn’t given them back to us yet. and

econ, we had a test in econ he hasn’t given back yet either, what’s up with

these people. I WANT MY TESTS BACK NOW.

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