My Life

March 14, 2001

March 14. I’m in a politcal mood today for somereason, i was

temped earlier to write a letter to the senators and such, but then i was

like, nah. I’ll do it some other time. ya know Jr. was in Sioux falls over

the weekend, i wish i would have known about that i would have watched him

babble on TV. but i didn’t so o well. he’s such a dumb fuck. i can’t beleive

the american people are so stupid. Well at least the majority aren’t as stupid,

they voted for gore. lol. I’m attempting to get accounting done, but it’s

such a slow process. copy the same damn number like ten times to fifty different

sheets, it’s really annoying and i dont have a lap big enough to hold all

the books. Some bastard just hit our door really hard with a basketball. stupid

people. I saw this really cute guy in the bathroom this morning, it was really wierd. and then latter, he came past my room and waved at me, i was like,

umm hi. whatever. yeah, he was cute, lol. so yeah this morning danny called,

damn good thing too, cause i would have missed my class had he not called.

why’s it seem that everyday he calls in the morning it’s a day that i miss

my alarm, which i don’t know how i do, cause it’s fucking ass loud. hmm, o

well. it’s all good, i made it to my class early even, so i studied a bit

for the quiz we were going to have, and then the prof gets there and in his

fucked up jargon that he talks. he said the quiz was on friday, at least i

think he said friday. yeah. so it’s all good. hmm. yeah, winamps randomization

really sucks. and it’s been a crappy ass song day. i can’t find anything that

i really want to listen too. it all starts sounding the same after a while. yeah, i’m up to like 480 songs now, so you would think i could find something.

but i can’t it’s annoying.

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