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March 15, 2001

March 15. it’s to damn early, and i’m really pissed now. So

last night was great, danny and i talked for like 3 hours. my PU’s are going

to be pissed when they get the phone bill, oh well. it was great we talked

bout all kinds of shit. i was in a political mood last night, so we talked

about politics some, we have alot of views that are the same. and then today

i’m not in a political mood, i’ve had enough of that but, yeah. we talked

alot about napster in Government class today, i was so annoyed. people were

saying how napster decreases the sales of these record companies and i wanted

to ust scream at them, and ask if they had actually seen the sales records.

they would realize that napster actually increases sales and such. assholes,

don’t talk about something if you don’t know what you’re talking about. yep,

that’s my opinion. I won’t bore with details, most of you know what i think

on most of the issues and such. and if you don’t well, jsut take a guess,

you’ll prob be right, i hope. lol. and if you get them wrong, well that’s

just you’re fault and such. ok well i’m going to go looking for those numbers

again, I’m going to bitch at that stupid women on tues about the numbers and

such. oh yeah, i almost forgot, i was going to bitch about virtualave being

assholes and not letting me upload anything, i think it might be that i ran

out of space, but i don’t think i should have i only have 20 megs of stuff

(there’s way more then the website you people see 🙂 So yeah, i just got back

from lunch and programming class, you would not fuckig beleive what they taught

us, they are telling us to use GOTO’s WTF? every fucking programmer knows

that you don’t use goto’s. Dumb shits. and yeah, they whole lunch thing, so

story, last night i was talkig to danny and i was just like i want lasagna,

and he was like, OMG or something cause they just had lasagna for supper there,

and yeah, so today i went to lunch, and guess what we had, lasagna, i was

so happy, so yeah, now my lasagna craving has been taken care of, i just neec

my celery and penut butter craving now. i’ve been havning alot of cravings

lately, maybe i’m pregnant, lol.

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