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March 16, 2001

march 16. it’s friday, finally. damnit. so yeah, i’ve been working

on this lab for my programming class, i could have had the entire thing done

in two pages if i did just what the directions told me to, but nope, i have

to do better then that, so it got done in just under ten pages of code. yeah.

lol. oh well, it’s done now, and that’s one less thing i have to do this weekend.

so it’s all good. hmm, not much really going on here other then that today,

i spent all night last night and today programming and debugging that damn

program. it’s really pretty idiot proof. haven’t seen danny since wed night.

I’m bored and there’s nothing to do. i want to go to sf tonight, but i don’t

have any money to buy gas. i could study i guess. but i’m really not in the

mood cause i just finished that damn program. i want something to do. i ordered

QaF series 2 over spring break so it should be here next week, YAY. Oh, i

also got my accounting test back the other day, i got like an 82 or 88, i

don’t remember it was one of those two numbers though, lol. my computers almost

hit a new record uptime, 2 whole days, lol. that’s been my best so far with

WinME. and i’ve really been doing alot of stuff on this, i’ve had winamp open

and running since i started my comp and i’ve had seti, aim, msn, norton, outlook,

and other various things, like VB and now dreamweaver and IE. so yeah. it’s

doing pretty good. watch this though, it’ll prob die just after i post this

or something. i’m still in my programing typeing phase, i forget to put the

spaces in every where so i have to keep going back to put them in and i also

keep like abbreviating everything, lol. oh well. this is a really good song

“hanging by a moment” by lifehouse. yeah, i like it.

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