My Life

March 17, 2001

march 17. so i got a new AIM name for all those that talk to

me there, it’s “Pischk OA” so yeah, there ya’s go. Today’s been

one of those crappy ass days, you know. So i got up, well woke up at 5 and

couldn’t get back to sleep. so i was like, yeah what ever. i laid there tell

like 9 and then i got up and took a nice long shower. that was ok. i like

long showers, yeah. lol. and then i went to do my laundry and such like i

normally do, and then i came back up and shaved. mmmm, cute guys in bathroom

then, hehe. and then i went to the store and got quarters so i could finish

my laundry and such and i bought some celery and crackers and peanut butter.

why is peanut butter so damn fatting? damnit. it’s so good too. mmmmm, nummy.

ok well so i got back and went down to get my laundry and such, and someone

stole my favorite pair of boxers i was like, DAMNIT. that was my fav pair.

so yeah, DAMNIT. well then i came back and uploaded like 9 megs worth of shit

to this site. that took like 2 hours. my god it was slow. and i was going

to do accounting whilst i was waiting for it to upload but i got mesmerised

by the little bar and just sat there and looked at it the whole time, yeah

it was odd. lol. so yeah, i’ll do accounting tomorrow. i’m not in the mood

now. so yeah, it’s just one of those crappy ass weekend things. Oh yesterday

i got an e-mail from the college that i REALLY want to go to. and they said

they have made a decision on if i’ve been accepted. but they didn’t say in

the e-mail, so hopefully i’ll find out next week. I REALLY want to go there.

oh and last night sucked too, i don’t know what the fuck was up, but it was

just wierd. like danny was on and such, and we were talking online but he

kept calling me like every 5 seconds. but when i _would_ answer he would say

a couple words and we would get disconnected or something, i don’t know if

he was doing it or what, but they like when we would get back on the aim thing

he’d be like answer the phone i want to talk and such it was all wierd, and

then we lost our entire internet connection, i don’t know how long it was

down before i realized, cause all i was doing was graphics work and talking

to him, and aim is really slow on responding to a network break, it’s all

odd. but yeah, speaking of graphics i did a new front page one, i still don’t

like it, but it’s better then what was there before. i’d like to get something

so that like i could have that in the foreground and have like each little

section a different graphic and such, yeah, you know like when you go to a

page and all the side things are like different graphics but they lne up perfect

and such, i want to do that and i know there’a way to do it when you just

make one big graphic and then let the little thingy do it, but i don’t know,

i can’t get it to work right. oh well. i’ll get is sometime. i need to see

a doctor.

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