My Life

March 3, 2001

march 3. omg, i’m so tired. so i got home last night at 5 or

so. went up to my room to put my stuff away, and found that none of my stuff

was in *my* room. And there in the middle of *my* room was standing my brother,

with all his shit in *my* room. i was so fucking pissed. they couldn’t have

at least told me, before i got home, or waited untill i got home to let him

move in, but ya know that still doesn’t make up for it. it’s *my* room, i

may not live here all the time anymore, but it’s still *my* room. it’s his

own damn fault he didn’t choose that room wehn we moved in this house. he

had the chance, but he choose the smallest room in the fucking house as his

bed room. so i took that room, the fucking bastard. god damnit that really

pisses me off, it’s *my* room. damnit. so i left here at like 7 or so and went to xak’s, hehe. we went to java joe’s but it was boring there that early

so we went and wondered the sky walks in des moines for a while. ok a couple

hours. i swear we walked the entire system, lol but it was cool, there we

alot of weird people there, and then we went to this big hotel and sat next

to the pool for a while. oh and apparently i neglected to tell people that

this was my spring break week. so yeah. well you know now, lol. and we went

to wal mart and hung out there for a while, and we saw mandy and julian and

some other people, that was cool. then julian, xak, dean, and i drove round

ankeny for a while. ya know i don’t understand why people are so affraid of

my driving, i’ve only been in the ditch once, and that really wasn’t *my*

fault, it was really bad weather. and i’ve only been in one accident and that

wasn’t my fualy either. damnit. lol. Then i went back to xak’s and we watched

the nightmare before christmas, that is such a cool movie, it’s been so long

since i’ve seen it. then i drove home at like 3 or something, it was really

foggy, there were a few spots where you couldn’t even see two feet out the

window, it was really bad, but i got home safe. and then i went and sat in

the hot tub for a couple hours. i finaly got to bed like 5 or so. and ya know,

i really can’t sleep past 9:30. since wed night, i’ve had maybe 6 hours of

sleep, and yet this morning at 9:30 i was wide awake, and here i am, still

going, lol. My parents want me to go out with them tonight, i really don’t

want to. yucky. boring, i wanted to go out again tonight with all them. i

haven’t really seen them all in so long, or been able to talk to them really.

but o well, parents have the ultimate say, i guess. I’m going to leave for

lenox tomorrow sometime. prob like 11 or so, maybe as soon as i get up. i

really want to call danny today.

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