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  • Mystery Biking Ghost

    So apparently my office has a biking ghost… Yesterday morning I brought my bike in so that I could start riding over my lunch hour. Sadly I forgot my shorts yesterday, so I didn’t go anywhere. My bike didn’t get moved from the time I brought it in in the morning till the time I […]

  • Drivers from HELL Day!

    Ok, today must be drive like an idiot day or something! I left for work about an hour later then normal and it started off just a few blocks from my house. Some stupid bitch was blabing on her cell phone instead of going through the green light. Holding up all of the traffic. Then […]

  • New Theme

    Last week, one of the guys at my office introduced me to WPRemix. I downloaded it and played with it some. Then, I got a client who wants to use it and change it for the site they are developing. So I had to learn all about it. In the process, I came up with […]

  • Unmotivational!

    I’ve been very unmotivated lately to really do anything. I’ve had a string of bad/annoying clients lately with the whole freelance thing, so that’s put me off. I seriously cannot believe how stupid some of these people are. IE: one guy was bitching because i sent him a link to his site that didn’t have […]

  • I’m so Lucky

    To be able to work with such smart people at my office. Everyone there really seems to know their shit, no bullshit, etc. After seeing these people in this training class and hearing the kinds of questions they have, it’s amazing that they are able to keep the jobs they have. We were talking about […]