Yay. As of today, I’ve made $300,000 over my lifetime! How fun. Now if only I knew where it all went! I have 25% of it saved, so that’s good I suppose. But still, I’d like to have more of it around!

This week has been another busy one. Work work work basically, but also going out and doing stuff.

Monday, I was supposed to go over to my Grandma’s house for her birthday, but my mother decided she didn’t want to drive there, so I hung out with Angel, went to dinner at Okaboji Grill and had a really hot waiter. He sat with us most of the time we were there and chatted about random stuff. I left him my business card, but he never called. 🙁 After that we went and saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was a thrilling movie, but not very good. There was one point where you could CLEARLY see the safety harness of one of the main characters. Went back to her place after that and hung out and then went home.

Tuesday I worked, went out to lunch with Beak at Hu-Hot which was delicious, although our waitress there was dumber then a door knob. Instead of a tip, I wrote in “Bad Service”. lol. Went rock climbing that evening, lots of really hot boys there! Yum yum! I can’t wait till Keira turns 5, I’m totally going to buy her a membership to one of the 3 month long camps they have. After that I went out and did stuff, can’t remember what though. I think I went to Tear it up Tuesday at the Saddle.

Wed I went to Tequila Mexican with Angel, Rick and some other guy. Our waiter was overly gay, but we had tons of fun drinking $1 Margaritas and chatting it up. The waiter was totally hitting on me and shit. Crazyness! After that I went over and met up with this guy Jeremy. He sent me a pic of him that he said was just few years old and he had put on “a few pounds”. So I get over there and the guy is probably 100 pounds heavier then what his pic was. So I’m like, whatever we can hang out for a bit. So we start watching this movie Hostel. About 30 minutes into it, I get up and just walk out. LOL. Really, WTF is wrong with people.

Apparently, I’m an “unbelievably caring guy”. If only someone would realize that and care about me back! 🙁

Thursday I went rock climbing again, I was sooooooo tired, my fingers were killing me, but I was trying out some new moves and stuff and had a good time. I have also been trying to master this one bouldering wall. You start on a vertical wall, switch over to a horizontal wall and then back to a vertical wall. I can get out to the end of the horizontal part, but I cannot make it back to the vertical transition. I lose my grip right on that. I will master it tomorrow! Which is my last chance to try!

Got home from that and chatted with my friend Chris down in Corning. He talked me into coming down and hanging out for the night, so I made the trek down there. He’s a bit of a weather nerd, and last night we had some CRAZY fucking storms down in southern Iowa with tornadoes just 30 miles away, his weather radio was going off all night! It scared the shit out of me when it went off at 4:15am this morning! Anyways, we went out to the lake when I first got there and went hiking and then back to his place where we watched Sugar, which I really didn’t like that much, then we tried watching Gattaca but ended up just laying on the couch watching the lightening and rain! Didn’t get to bed till almost 3am then had to get up early this morning to come over to my Grandma’s house.

I get here and she’s not even here and her cell phone is on the table! Crazy woman!

Tonight I am going out with my cousin to the Saddle again and then tomorrow I am going shooting with my dad.

I leave on Sunday, I am excited to be back in LA, but at the same time I don’t want to leave here. I think that this next week I will be spending a lot of time alone in my apartment, which I feel is very needed. Though, not sure how much time I will really have because I must plan for this camping trip which we leave for on Thursday!

Speaking of camping, there is talk with the rock climbing group of a camping trip out to Santa Cruz Island this summer. I am very excited for that!

Moving On…

What a busy weekend.

This weekend I had to keep myself busy or else I would have gone crazy thinking about Const and what not.

So Friday I got home from work and went up to Santa Monica, hit the gym for a long time and then met up with Chad for dinner and a Movie. We say No Intelligence Allowed. It was actually really interesting. Although not as good as I was hoping it would be. There’s a section about ISU in there too. After that I drove home and picked up Jason and then we met up with Chad, Ronnie and some other people at The Factory in WeHo. Had a really fun night of dancing and drinking. Got home about 2:30 and saw that Const was online. It was 4:30am there! WTF is he doing online! So I freaked out, mostly cause I was drunk off my ass and started talking to his friend Tim and being all sad and annoying with him. He was actually very nice and said some nice stuff. But he also said, “Const isn’t as innocent as he seems”… WTF does that mean!? Ugh. Anyways. I went to bed at about 4am and only slept for a few hours. Laid in bed and read a book most of the time.

WacoGot up Saturday and went over to Jason’s and hung out with him, Vince and Jack all day. Jack was very cute and funny. Crazy kids. The first thing we did was drop off some stuff at the Hazardous waste disposal place. They were wearing like HAZMAT suits and shit. You’d think they were accepting Nuclear waste, not just electronics and old paint! It was very funny. Went over to Torrance Airport for a while and hung out with this guy who has an old Waco. Went back to Jason’s after that and we were going to replace his water heater. But the thing is so old that the drain was all clogged up, so we couldn’t get the heater to drain. And WHO puts a water heater on the second floor?!?

Came home after that and took a nap then headed back to Santa Monica to meet up with Jess, we went and saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall which was VERY funny. Lots of male frontal nudity which was surprising, the guy has a HUGE cock! Scary! lol. After that we went out to a bar in Santa Monica and had a few beers and chatted and had a great time. I got home about midnight and went straight to bed.

WacoSunday I got up at 5:30 and headed out to Devil’s Punchbowl to meet up with the guys for some climbing. Little did I know what I was getting into out there. We did what’s called Lead Climbing. Something I’ve never done before, so it was a bit nerve racking. We ended up about 150 in the air and then having to repel down the side. Again something I haven’t done in a LONG time and never from such a height, so it was very nerve racking. After that we went out to lunch at this place called Charlie Brown Farms which had delicious Buffalo burgers and I bought some Wild Boar Sausages.

Got home about 5 and my friend CJ came over and we hung out for a few hours watching TV, he left and I hung out and did some random stuff. Const called me at like 9:30 and we talked for a little bit. We are going to try talking every Sunday just to try and keep the friends going and communication open.

Friday I also downloaded the new Counting Crows album. Very good. I suggest getting it. 🙂

Rock Climbing photos.

I’m a Jealous Asshole…

//Warning: Major drama to follow…..

Ok, so not only am I the biggest asshole in the world. I’m also a very jealous asshole. And I HATE long distance relationships.

UGH! I feel myself slipping into the shit that Andrew and I went through back in the day. UGH. The last two nights Const has gone out with friends. One night just to coffee and then a movie, and then last night to some bar. I get very very jealous and annoyed. I hate this feeling and I know I shouldn’t be. But I am and I do.

Then to top it all off today, his phone is broken and I have not talked to him since 5pm yesterday. So I am getting VERY very annoyed and pissed and of course my mind always goes to. “Oh my god he’s out fucking someone” or “oh my god, he’s going to call and break up with me”…. Mostly that’s because it’s what happened with the last long distance relationship.

We got into a huge fight yesterday about a lot of stupid annoying shit that bugs me. I know I am completely at fault for it all. A) because I don’t bring them up when they first bug me and B) because then I dwell on them and make the issue way bigger then it really is.

Today it’s really annoying me that he never left a message on AIM or has tried contacting me at all in any way. Again it’s all because I’m insecure and worry that something bad is happening and that I can’t get it out of my mind and every minute, every second that goes by without hearing from him makes me even more crazy! I’ve probably called him a hundred times today and it always just goes straight to voice mail. I know his phone is broken! But anything, any sort of communication would have helped. A message on AIM, a txt message, borrowing a friends phone to call me.

I _HATE_ this feeling and I hate being this way. Like I told him yesterday, he’s the best boyfriend I’ve had so far, and lets be hopeful that I’ll ever have, but I still can’t help but feel this way. I _KNOW_ that ultimately he’s probably just out with friends again, maybe at a movie, buying a new phone, who knows. But that NOT knowing is what drives me nuts. I always try and let him know what I’ll be doing if I am not around when I should or normally am. I let him know last night that I was going rock climbing today, which meant I was not home all morning. But UGH.

Make this feeling stop! Please. I wanna be the most amazing boyfriend and I try so hard. But days/weekends like this make me feel like I fail so badly at that and makes me feel like I’m a horrible boyfriend and horrible person to know. It makes me realize that I really don’t have any good friends around here, because well. I’ve sat at home all weekend. I only went rock climbing today because of Const’s friends! Not even my own friends.

Yesterday when we were talking, I broke down crying a few times because I just can’t believe how fucking stupid and crazy I am sometimes. And living here and hanging out with certain people has really ruined my feeling of being in a real relationship. A lot of things that I used to have done by this time in a relationship I haven’t done yet with Const because those people always make fun of me and make me feel horrible for wanting to be a “WE”. I don’t tell Const as much as I should that he’s a great boyfriend, and honestly I don’t feel that he tells me that enough either. I try and show it as much as I can for him, but when we’re doing the LDR thing it’s hard to show how much you care for someone.

UGH! I’m sorry for the dramatic post. I just had to write……

No Birthday Presents for me…

Hmm. It’s been a long weekend. Thursday I worked from home and picked up my Aunt from the airport. It was raining so there wasn’t much to really do around here which was sad. I showed her around the area. Constantine came over and we all went out to dinner and watched a movie here at my place.

Friday night got off to a rocky start. I was a little annoyed that Const spent 4 hours at a work thing, and then still had to go home to his dad’s birthday. We were supposed to have been celebrating my birthday that night with all of my friends. But instead he spent 4 hours at this work party. blah blah blah. Either way, we ended up going out to The Factory and having a really good time. I was also pretty annoyed that Jason got Constantine a preset for his brithday, but not for mine. Umm. Jason has known Const for 6 months. He’s known me for a year and 6 months. WTF!?! Jason’s such a fucking asshole. Why do we even bother hanging out with him!

Saturday we got up and went out to the mountians to play in the snow, but traffic was so bad that we ended up just going to Constantine’s friends house. The guy was nice, we went hiking and had coffee. I’m starting to get very annoyed with him about the fact that he never lets me to his house. I mean, why can’t I at least just GO IN once! REALLY!?

We came home that night and had dinner with Jason and then went to ice cream and watched Devil Wears Prada. Came home and went to bed. Got up Sunday and we did laundry. Const left about 4 and I just laid around the house.

Today I took my car in for repair. The estimate went from $700 to $2,600!!! Can you fucking believe that! WTF! It was a fucking CONE! A FUCKING CONE! Oh my god.




What an excellent weekend!

Let’s see, Friday we were going to go to GGB. But Jason talked me out of it because he said that the line was going to be too long. Either way, Constantine and I ended up staying in and watching a movie called Driving Lessons. It was pretty entertaining.

Saturday we got up and went shopping. I spent the last of my Best Buy gift card. I really hate that store. Such over priced Crap. Constantine bought a new Apple Macbook! Yay for him! I also got a new mouse for my computer and bought the new Futurama Movie. We watched it on Sunday and it was pretty good.

After that we headed to Inglewood to look at an apartment complex that was for sale. Sooo ghetto. That night we had a dinner party at Jason’s, his cousin was there and we played Catch Phrase. I came up with the word “Royality” and to answer “Dime a dozen” I said, “Hookers!” Very funny times!

Sunday Constantine and I went hiking looking for this Nazi camp called Murphys Ranch where some crazy lady built a hige mansion with tons of neat underground stuff. We never did find it. Googled it when we got home and found out that we were on the wrong side of the canyon. Stopped at El Burrito on the way home and ran into Jason and his cousin again.