Swing Vote

So last night I got to go to see a screening of the movie Swing Vote… It was actually a pretty good movie.

This movie is about a do nothing, beer drinking, factory working father of a very smart girl. Bud is just cruising through life, working at an egg packing plant, that spends his nights getting so drunk he passes out. Until one day his daughter tries to vote for him, a freak accident causes the whole election to come down to one vote.. Her fathers.

It’s a pretty funny movie overall, and sad at times as well. The family behind me was laughing far more then I was. Parts of it I just couldn’t get over how redic it was.

Either way, go check it out sometime on a cold/rainy afternoon. 🙂

Comes out Aug 1st!

A Love to Hide

Wow. A Love to Hide

A young gay couple and their Jewish friend face persecution from the Nazis in 1940s Paris. Philippe and Jean hide their love from both their families and the occupying Germans. When Jean’s childhood sweetheart, a Jew, shows up after her family is killed, the two take her in. But now their secret life as members of the “third sex” becomes harder to conceal, especially from Jean’s Nazi-sympathizing family.

This is one moving movie. Just amazingly written and acted in.

Seriously. I dunno what to say. I just finished this movie and it has to be added to everyone’s watch lists. It’s right up there with Schindler’s List.



I’m on Twitter! Find me here. Apparently I signed up way back in March of 2007, but never really used it. So now it seems like EVERYONE is using it, so I jumped back on there. It’s very slow though! 🙁

So this weekend was actually TONS of fun! Friday night we threw together a quick dinner party. We had lots of fun. It was Sirin, Kris, Jason, Steve, Ryan, Christian, Christina and of course me! 🙂 I think that Ryan was a little out of place with all the gays! But we enjoyed having the straight man there. We drank wine, talked and watched the video from the Yosemite trip. Most people left by midnight, but Kris and I hung out drinking till 5am! Opps!

Saturday I rolled out of bed around noon and went shopping with Jason. Bought a bunch of new stuff for the job and went to Costco. Got home from that and we ate the rest of the Sloppy Joes and then Sirin and I headed out to the CalPhil. That was LOTS of fun! I really enjoyed it, but I am glad we got the seats we had because I would not want to be any farther back.

Got stuck in a TRAFFIC jam at MIDNIGHT on the way home from that! How can there possibly be a TRAFFIC jam at midnight on SATURDAY! And there was no construction or anything! Just traffic! REDIC!

Went to bed after that and then Sunday I got up and went rock climbing with the group. I just hung out and chatted and had a good time. After that I went up and hung out with this Actor guy for a while. He was nice, but much shorter then I would have imagined! We had a good time, but I got stuck in a 2hr parking zone, so I only stayed for that long. He had invited me to a play that night, but I was all stinky from being out in the sun all morning.

Got home and was suddenly very sad for some reason last night. I just sat on my couch and watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I cried through most of the movie. WTF is wrong with me!

Things for the Houston trip are coming together well. I have already been invited to 3 parties for July 4th! How exciting! I think though that I will just go to this concert with Sirin’s sister. We shall see. I also have people lined up to hang out with me on all the days that I want to do stuff. So I am excited to be going.

The Dinner Game

I love dinner parties. I really miss the ones we used to have with the group, perhaps we should start it back up in the way the french movie, The Dinner Game did. Each week a well known/wealthy person invites someone to a dinner party. There’s only one catch. It’s a game to find the most idiotic person around.

Whoever brings the dumbest person to dinner wins the night. Pierre invites François Pignon, a man that works in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and makes “maquettes” to forget his beloved wife, who had went away with a friend of him two years ago, for the dinner. However, they never make it to the dinner. Pierre, has back pains, his wife leaves him, his lover is crazy. Everything truly falls apart.

Even though this movie is in French with English subtitles, it’s a laugh riot. Once things start going, you can’t stop laughing! It’s done so well that you can pay half attention to the dialog and just watch the faces/expressions of the characters. It’s all put together so well.

The movie is based off a play, I hope the play will come to LA sometime soon! I’d love to see it!

Go rent this movie tonight and laugh the night away!

Bedrooms and Hallways

This past weekend, I watched a VERY funny movie called Bedrooms and Hallways.

It’s basically a movie about sexual experimentation. It’s a gay British movie in which a gay man (Leo) decides to join a straight man’s support group. He then admits during one of the meetings that he has a thing for one of the straight guys which starts a cascade of sexual reassessment between the members of the group. Leo and the straight man end up having an affair, while Leo’s roommate is having naughty sexual encounters in other people’s homes with his real estate lover.

It all gets very confused when Leo re-connects with his high school lover who believes Leo’s female roommate is having an affair with her husband!

This movie really is a non-stop laugh experience-everything is so funny. I highly suggest seeing it!