Swing Vote

So last night I got to go to see a screening of the movie Swing Vote… It was actually a pretty good movie.

This movie is about a do nothing, beer drinking, factory working father of a very smart girl. Bud is just cruising through life, working at an egg packing plant, that spends his nights getting so drunk he passes out. Until one day his daughter tries to vote for him, a freak accident causes the whole election to come down to one vote.. Her fathers.

It’s a pretty funny movie overall, and sad at times as well. The family behind me was laughing far more then I was. Parts of it I just couldn’t get over how redic it was.

Either way, go check it out sometime on a cold/rainy afternoon. 🙂

Comes out Aug 1st!

2 thoughts on “Swing Vote”

  1. you said dat you’ve seen a hot(heath)ledger look a like ??? 😛 woww …. they do excist.. what was the name of that café ? 😛 en does he work there still ? 😛

  2. The place is called “The Counter” at Ocean Park and 30th street in Santa Monica. I was there a few weeks ago and he was not working. But I am not sure if he works there or not any more.

    Even if he doesn’t work there, it’s a great place to grab a hamburger! 🙂

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