The Dinner Game

I love dinner parties. I really miss the ones we used to have with the group, perhaps we should start it back up in the way the french movie, The Dinner Game did. Each week a well known/wealthy person invites someone to a dinner party. There’s only one catch. It’s a game to find the most idiotic person around.

Whoever brings the dumbest person to dinner wins the night. Pierre invites Fran├žois Pignon, a man that works in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and makes “maquettes” to forget his beloved wife, who had went away with a friend of him two years ago, for the dinner. However, they never make it to the dinner. Pierre, has back pains, his wife leaves him, his lover is crazy. Everything truly falls apart.

Even though this movie is in French with English subtitles, it’s a laugh riot. Once things start going, you can’t stop laughing! It’s done so well that you can pay half attention to the dialog and just watch the faces/expressions of the characters. It’s all put together so well.

The movie is based off a play, I hope the play will come to LA sometime soon! I’d love to see it!

Go rent this movie tonight and laugh the night away!

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