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Split Cali!

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California needs to be split into three states. The state was only to be allowed to be as big as it was because it was sparsely populated. With an economy that would be 7th in the world if California was a stand alone country it’s ridiculous that its large mass and huge population is represented by only two US Senators, neither of whom represent the interests of the state as a whole.

The State is also ungovernable as a State of this size with such a large population. It’s more of a country than a State by any measure and a poorly run one, at that.

Every so often the populace discusses cutting the State in half and making two States. I’ve thought about this and cannot see any logical place to split the state in two, but can see a good argument for splitting the State into three.

First of all there are numerous political sub-cultures in California that are so distinctive that they should be separated and given statehood. These areas seldom communicate and rarely see themselves as connected to the other part. They are as follows:

Northern California This would be a state almost the size of Oregon with similar features and cities. The State begins north of Sacramento with a boundary from Pt. Arena on the west and Lake Tahoe on the east. The suggested Capital would be Eureka or Redding. There is little psychological connection between these folks and the rest of California and their needs are under-represented because of this. The area is massive, yet there is not one University of California campus. It would do better for itself as its own State.

California The could also be called Central California and it consists of the middle of the State south of Pt. Arena down to just South of Big Sur. From there it cuts

across keeping Los Banos while relinquishing Fresno, which people from this area think of as in Southern California. The Capital would remain Sacramento. The University of California, per se is in this area.

Southern California This includes the entire rest of the State and constitutes the largest land mass. It would still be one of the largest states in the union. There is already a University of Southern California, which is convenient. The placement of the Capital is problematic and the candidates would include: Los Angeles, Pasadena and San Diego although an even more neutral location such as Riverside or Santa Ana might work too.

Now to find a way to make this happen. I’ll be putting together a serious website in the months ahead to address this initiative.

This should totally happen. 🙂

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California Attorney General Bill Lockyer has filed a lawsuit to force top makers of potato chips and french fries to warn consumers about a potential cancer-causing chemical found in the popular snacks.

In a complaint filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Lockyer sought an injunction to stop restaurant chains such as McDonald’s Corp. and Wendy’s International Inc. from selling french fries without some form of warning.

Now, if you’ve been to cali, you’ve probably noticed that there are WARNINGS EVERYWHERE!

Why can’t they just put ONE BIG FUCKING SIGN right next to the WELCOME TO CALI signs that says..


It’d be so much easier!

God I hate this place!

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Sweaty Citys!

Check out where DM is!

2005 2004 2003 2002*
1. Phoenix 1. El Paso, Texas 1. Phoenix 1. San Antonio
2. Las Vegas 2. Greenville, S.C. 2. Houston 2. Dallas/Fort Worth
3. Tucson, Ariz. 3. Phoenix 3. Miami 3. New Orleans
4. Miami 4. Corpus Christi, Texas 4. San Antonio 4. Houston
5. Corpus Christi, Texas 5. New Orleans 5. Fort Myers, Fla. 5. West Palm Beach, Fla.
6. West Palm Beach, Fla. 6. Houston 6. West Palm Beach, Fla. 6. Orlando, Fla.
7. Houston 7. Miami 7. Tampa, Fla. 7. Memphis, Tenn.
8. Tampa, Fla. 8. West Palm Beach, Fla. 8. Waco, Texas 8. Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fla.
9. Orlando, Fla. 9. Fort Myers, Fla. 9. Austin, Texas 9. Phoenix
10. Fort Myers, Fla. 10. Las Vegas 10. New Orleans 10. Miami/Fort Lauderdale
11. San Antonio, Texas 11. Waco, Texas 11. Dallas 11. Oklahoma City
12. Honolulu 12. Tampa, Fla. 12. Las Vegas 12. Birmingham, Ala.
13. Dallas 13. Dallas 13. Orlando, Fla. 13. Atlanta
14. Montgomery, Ala. 14. Orlando, Fla. 14. Shreveport, La. 14. Nashville, Tenn.
15. New Orleans 15. San Antonio 15. Savannah, Ga. 15. St. Louis
16. Mobile, Ala. 16. Mobile, Ala. 16. Tulsa, Okl. 16. Charlotte, N.C.
17. Baton Rouge, La. 17. Savannah, Ga. 17. Memphis, Tenn. 17. Raleigh/Durham, N.C.
18. Waco, Texas 18. Austin, Texas 18. Baton Rouge, La. 18. Kansas City, Mo.
19. Jacksonville, Fla. 19. Shreveport, La. 19. Charleston, W.Va. 19. Greenville/Spartanburg, S.C.
20. El Paso, Texas 20. Tulsa, Okl. 20. Mobile, Ala. 20. Washington, D.C.
21. Austin, Texas 21. Charleston, W. Va. 21. Jacksonville, Fla. 21. Sacramento, Calif.
22. Charleston, W.V. 22. Honolulu 22. Jackson, Miss. 22. Norfolk/Portsmouth, Va.
23. Fresno, Calif. 23. Jacksonville, Fla. 23. Honolulu 23. Greensboro/High Point, N.C.
24. Savannah, Ga. 24. Tucson, Ariz. 24. Tucson, Ariz. 24. Albuquerque/Santa Fe, N.M.
25. Shreveport, La. 25. Jackson, Miss. 25. Little Rock, Ark. 25. Hilo, Hawaii
26. Columbia, S.C. 26. Montgomery, Ala. 26. Wichita, Kan. 26. Baltimore
27. Memphis, Tenn. 27. Little Rock, Ark. 27. St. Louis 27. Cincinnati
28. Jackson, Miss. 28. Oklahoma City 28. El Paso, Texas 28. Philadelphia (tie)
28. Pittsburgh (tie)
29. Little Rock, Ark. 29. Columbia, S.C. 29. Paducah, Ky. 29. Harrisburg/Lancaster, Pa.
30. Birmingham, Ala. 30. Memphis, Tenn. 30. Louisville, Ky. 30. New York
31. Atlanta 31. Wichita, Kan. 31. Huntsville, Ala. 31. Salt Lake City
32. Tulsa, Okl. 32. Fresno, Calif. 32. Chattanooga, Tenn. 32. Columbus, Ohio
33. Oklahoma City 33. Norfolk, Va. 33. Columbia, S.C. 33. Hartford/New Haven, Conn.
34. Raleigh, N.C. 34. Birmingham, Ala. 34. Birmingham, Ala. 34. Chicago
35. Norfolk, Va. 35. Kansas City, Mo. 35. Norfolk, Va. 35. Denver
36. Chattanooga, Tenn. 36. St. Louis 36. Oklahoma City 36. Fresno/Visalia, Calif.
37. Richmond, Va. 37. Atlanta, Ga. 37. Nashville, Tenn. 37. Minneapolis/St. Paul.
38. Greenville, S.C. 38. Huntsville, Ala. 38. Evansville, Ind. 38. Indianapolis
39. Louisville, Ky. 39. Anchorage, Ala. 39. Atlanta 39. Detroit
40. Washington, D.C. 40. Raleigh, N.C. 40. Kansas City, Mo. 40. Grand Rapids, Mich.
41. Greensboro, N.C. 41. Albuquerque, N.M. 41. Washington, D.C. 41. Cleveland
42. Albuquerque, N.M. 42. Chattanooga, Tenn. 42. Raleigh, N.C. 42. Providence, R.I.
43. Charlotte, N.C. 43. Nashville, Tenn. 43. Greenville/Spartanburg, S.C. 43. Boston
44. Nashville, Tenn. 44. Springfield, Mo. 44. Fresno, Calif. 44. Portland, Ore.
45. Huntsville, Ala. 45. Salt Lake City 45. Richmond, Va. 45. Buffalo, N.Y.
46. Virginia Beach, Va. 46. Sacramento, Calif. 46. Albuquerque, N.M. 46. Milwaukee
47. Wichita, Kan. 47. Philadelphia 47. Charlotte, N.C. 47. Los Angeles
48. St. Louis 48. Washington, D.C. 48. Knoxville, Tenn. 48. San Diego
49. Sacramento, Calif. 49. Virginia Beach, Va. 49. Omaha, Neb. 49. Seattle
50. Knoxville, Tenn. 50. Omaha, Neb. 50. Philadelphia 50. San Francisco
51. Salt Lake City 51. Louisville, Ky. 51. Columbus, Ohio 51. Barrow, Alaska
52. Philadelphia 52. Des Moines, Iowa 52. Harrisburg, Pa.
53. Roanoke, Va. 53. Colorado Springs, Colo. 53. Lexington, Ky.
54. Evansville, Ind. 54. Charlotte, N.C. 54. Greensboro, N.C. (tie)
54. Springfield, Mo. (tie)
55. Baltimore 55. Denver 55. Baltimore
56. Omaha, Neb. 56. Spokane, Wash. 56. Indianapolis
57. Springfield, Mo. 57. Knoxville, Tenn. 57. Roanoke, Va.
58. Kansas City, Mo. 58. Minneapolis 58. Salt Lake City
59. New York 59. Portland, Ore. 59. Cincinnati
60. Lexington, Ky. 60. Greensboro, N.C. 60. Springfield, Ill.
61. Cincinnati 61. Seattle 61. Davenport, Iowa
62. Los Angeles 62. Evansville, Ind. 62. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
63. Columbus, Ohio 63. New York, N.Y. 63. Dayton, Ohio
64. Asheville, N.C. 64. Richmond, Va. (tie) 64. Des Moines, Iowa
65. Indianapolis 64. Roanoke, Va. (tie) 65. New York
66. Moline, Ill. 66. Baltimore (tie) 66. South Bend, Ind.
67. Sioux Falls, S.D. 66. Baton Rouge, La. (tie) 67. Toledo, Ohio
68. Spokane, Wash. 68. San Francisco 68. Moline, Ill.
69. San Diego 69. Chicago 69. Bristol, Tenn.
70. Toledo, Ohio 70. Lexington, Ky. 70. Altoona, Pa.
71. Hartford, Conn. 71. Springfield, Ill. 71. Denver
72. Dayton, Ohio 72. Indianapolis 72. Sacramento, Calif.
73. Des Moines, Iowa 73. Burlington, Vt. 73. Chicago
74. Boston 74. Albany, N.Y. 74. Pittsburgh
75. Providence, R.I. 75. Milwaukee, Wis. 75. Detroit
76. Portland, Ore. 76. Detroit 76. Cleveland
77. Pittsburgh 77. Madison, Wis. 77. Asheville, N.C.
78. Detroit 78. Hartford, Conn. 78. Minneapolis
79. Springfield, Ill. 79. Columbus, Ohio 79. Providence, R.I.
80. Albany, N.Y. 80. Cleveland (tie) 80. Boston
81. Cleveland 80. South Bend, Ind. (tie) 81. Hartford, Conn.
82. Fort Wayne, Ind. 82. Toledo, Ohio 82. Milwaukee
83. Chicago 83. Syracuse, N.Y. 83. Grand Rapids, Mich.
84. Minneapolis 84. Grand Rapids, Mich. 84. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pa.
85. Grand Rapids, Mich. 85. Providence, R.I. 85. Flint, Mich.
86. Denver 86. Dayton, Ohio 86. Colorado Springs, Colo. (tie)
86. Syracuse, N.Y. (tie)
87. Syracuse, N.Y. 87. Boston 87. Rochester, N.Y.
88. South Bend, Ind. 88. Flint, Mich. 88. Youngstown, Ohio
89. Madison, Wis. 89. Cincinnati 89. Madison, Wis.
90. Flint, Mich. 90. Pittsburgh 90. Buffalo, N.Y.
91. Buffalo, N.Y. 91. Asheville, N.C. 91. Albany, N.Y.
92. Burlington, Vt. 92. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 92. Green Bay, Wis.
93. Youngstown, Ohio 93. Portland, Maine 93. Burlington, Vt.
94. Milwaukee, Wis. 94. Los Angeles 94. Los Angeles
95. Seattle 95. Rochester, N.Y. 95. Portland, Ore.
96. Rochester, N.Y. 96. Buffalo, N.Y. 96. San Diego
97. Portland, Maine 97. Fort Wayne, Ind. 97. Portland, Maine
98. Green Bay, Wis. 98. Green Bay, Wis. 98. Spokane, Wash.
99. Colorado Springs, Colo. 99. San Diego 99. Seattle
100. San Francisco 100. Youngstown, Ohio 100. San Francisco
Source: Old Spice
*The 2002 Sweatiest Cities list only included 51 rankings.

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Ok, so my trip to Cali and back cost me a pretty penny…

Here’s the breakdown for GAS alone:
Gallons: 125.029
Miles: 4,677.5
Average Per Gallon Cost: $1.899
Average MPG: 37.23
Total Cost: $236.06

Here’s all Expenses for the week I was there:
04/12/04 CHECK CRD PURCHASE 04/09 TARGET 00002303 ORANGE CA $1.66
04/12/04 CHECK CRD PURCHASE 04/10 QT 407 05004072 PHOENIX AZ $3.07
04/12/04 CHECK CRD PURCHASE 04/10 TEXACO INC 40105220156 GALLUP NM $15.10
04/12/04 CHECK CRD PURCHASE 04/10 QT 407 05004072 PHOENIX AZ $19.25
04/05/04 CHECK CRD PURCHASE 04/01 SHELL OIL 93002934345 KEARNEY NE $18.16
04/05/04 CHECK CRD PURCHASE 04/02 CHEVRON #10093184 MOAPA NV $20.51

So in total on my trip out there I spent: 272.16

Total Crazyness.

In other news, I found out today that our group goes FIRST… That’s right FIRST in my MGMT 478 class. That means we not only have to have our paper done, but also the presentation done by NEXT thursday. I have so much fucking shit to do. It’s insane. 🙁

I’m really stressed out right now. I just want to go back to Cali..

Laters all.


Andrew’s Paper About Himself

Subject: (no subject)
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 21:20:00 EDT

February10, 2003


APLit and Comp.


Writingan entire paper about oneself at first seems to be such a simple task. Afterall, who knows myself better than me? However, as the beginnings of this paperbegan to take shape, I see that it is much harder to look at yourselfobjectively and tell the truth than I initially thought. I have enjoyed theexperience, though, of getting a chance to step back, look at myself, andrealize my values and how I view myself.
Myphysical characteristics are, I believe, the most difficult to explain. Findingthe right words to describe myself as I would like to be described has provento be a taxing endeavor. As I gaze at a picture of myself, I decide to justwrite exactly what I see. I see me: a young man of medium height and mediumbuild. Nearly jet-black hair arranged in orderly spikes is dispensed evenlyabout my head. My forehead contains two beauty marks, one above the righteyebrow, the other just under my hairline on the left side of my forehead. Mybushy eyebrows come next, and I’ve always felt that the bushiness adds a touchof character. There is a hole in the right brow through which a metal barbellhas been placed. My eyes are brown and commonplace, yet also achieve a depthand expression that is, in my opinion, unrivaled. Full and passionate lips areprobably the most striking feature on my face. They are cherry red, andconstantly chapped and scarred—I have a habit of picking off the outer layer ofskin whenever I get anxious or nervous. My ears are just the right size inproportion to the rest of me, and the left one contains two bumps: one on mycartilage, and the other on my earlobe—these are the remnants of formerpiercings. Probably my favorite feature on myself is something that isn’tvisibly seen by the naked eye. I have a tattoo down by my pelvic bone. It is ofa four-leaf clover. Being the impulsive and crazy guy that I am, the day Iturned 18, I was at the tattoo parlor getting it done. The tattoo, to me, addseven more depth to my character. When I look at the whole deal, I’d like tothink I’m a pretty handsome guy.
Iquestioned many friends during the course of writing this paper, in an attemptto find out if what I thought about myself was parallel to what my friendsthought of me. Nearly all of their answers matched up with what I believed, soI would say that I have a pretty good self-image of myself.
Iwould say that my distinguishing characteristic is my humor. I enjoy makingpeople laugh and seeing them have a good time. Humor to me comes naturally andI constantly tell stories with zeal and zest—nearly all of them are veryentertaining. Sometimes I tend to exaggerate what really happened, just a bit,for comedic effect. But I truly think that it isn’t a big deal; it adds to thestory and most of the time isn’t even that far of a stretch from what reallyhappened. My humor, I think, is sometimes a mask for me. I use it to mask mycynicism, my pains, my sorrows. It is sometimes easier to just laugh aboutsomething and make it into a funny story than to deal with it. This can lead meto repress things. When this happens, I often explode with anger aninappropriate times; usually it is directed towards someone who hasn’t evendone anything—whoever happens to be there at the time will receive the brunt ofmy rage. At the same time, though, humor is also what keeps me going. I make itthrough my school days, I make it through work, I make it through speechpractice because of humor. I love to laugh. It makes me feel good and fuzzyinside. It also is a very good stress reliever to just laugh and laugh aboutabsolutely nothing, which I frequently do. I think I have a sense of humor thatis just slightly off kilter with everyone else’s. While not a big deal, sometimesI will laugh uncontrollably at something that other people just roll their eyesat. One thing I do that no one else seems to enjoy, save just a select few ofmy friends, is quote things. I love Margaret Cho, the Queens of Comedy, andThe Simpsons. I think they are just the funniest things I have ever seen. Ican spend an entire night quoting them, much to the dismay of the people aroundme. I would have to say that my favorite quote is from Margaret Cho’s movie,I’m the One that I Want: The photographer kept saying, ‘Could you just twistso you have a waist? And stretch out your face so you don’t have a double chin,ok?’ twist, chin, Twist, Chin, TWIST, CHIN, AHHH! Tears filled up in my eyesand rolled down my face and the makeup artist came and powdered over it.
Onething about me that I feel makes me stand out around other people is myuniqueness and individuality. I feel that I am very different than most people.One of the reasons I feel this is because I’m gay. It may be fairly common in someplaces, but here in Waukee, it is practically unheard of. This circumstancesets me apart from most others. Another thing is that I am just wild, crazy,and adventurous. I am willing to try anything once. Occasionally, I do reallyrandom things. I don’t care what other people think; I just like to go out andhave a good time. For example, when Ginny Ray and I go shopping, sometimes shewill trip me and we will just fall to the ground as dramatically as possible,laughing the whole way. I’m just weird all around. I constantly have verystrange ideas, and I say the most random things. However, it is all just a partof my sense of humor. Me being random very often gets people to laugh, if notonly at the sheer randomness. And making people laugh makes me feel good aboutmyself, and makes others happy, so I feel that it is all a good thing.
Iam valorous and loyal. I try to always be the person who says, This isn’t theend of the world. We can make it through. I think I have been through somepretty tough stuff, and I have always come out on top. In the face of adversity, I steel myself,and am strong. I always hope that others follow my example, or are inspired byme. I don’t think anyone ever is, though. Loyalty is a trait that I value verymuch. I stay true to my friends, and I would expect that they do the same forme. I attempt to not betray my friends, though I have before, and more thanlikely it was unwittingly.
Withevery good, of course, comes bad. I have talked for two pages about my goodqualities, and why I think I am so great. I have just as much to say about myfaults.
Afault that can probably be gathered from this paper is the fact that I amconceited. I have a very high opinion of myself. I hold myself in higherregards than I do most other people. This does not include my friends ofcourse—people who I like I feel are on the same plane as me. However, peoplethat I dislike, I tend to think of as lower than I. Why I feel this way is amystery to me. I just think that I am a great guy, and deserving of goodthings. Along with this comes the fact that I am selfish and egocentric. In myworld, I come first, before anyone else. My happiness, my enjoyment, mypleasure must be in place before I think about anyone else’s. For the mostpart, I lack the skills of sharing. I make sure that I get what I want. It isdefinitely a bad trait to have at times, but I feel that one’s own happiness isof utmost importance. If a person spends their entire life just trying to makeother people happy, they are the ones who will end up downcast later in life.
Ihave not always been, but lately have become, very cynical. Like I said, it isusually masked with humor. I tend to look at the worst parts of a situation.For example, eating at McDonalds one day, after I had finished reading the bookFast Food Nation (an expose about the fast food industry), I spent the entiremeal complaining about how fast food is made, and how terrible it is and howhorrible our government must be to allow such things to exist. My friend Mike,who was with me, just looked over at me and said, Since when did you become sodamn cynical? I honestly don’t know when it started. I just suddenly startedthinking that there are so many problems in society that need to be fixedbefore we can live healthy, moral lives again. This makes me sound like a sad,melancholy person, who just sits home all day and broods over society’sproblems. That clearly is not the truth. I don’t think about these things allthe time. I am very good at pushing things out of my mind and just pretendingthey don’t exist. So while I am cynical, it doesn’t show very often. However,there are rare occasions, such as the McDonalds incident, where I just can’tstop discussing the worlds’ puzzles. At the same time that I say this, I ambeing hypocritical, which is another one of my downfalls. I don’t think mymorals are as high as the social ‘norms’, though they are higher than manypeople that I know. This is mainly because I feel that life is for living, andthat I’m not going to waste my time worrying about if what I’m doing is rightor not. I will do what I want, when I want, and how I want to. If people haveproblems with it, they can get over it. My life is for me, not for anyone else.
Thatstatement is hypocritical in itself. What I consider to be my biggest fault isthat I am sensitive. I let things get to me too easily. One person saying onemean thing to me can ruin my day. Many of my friends complain that they can’tjoke with me because I take everything too seriously. In that kind ofsituation, I find it hard to tell when a person is joking or not. This causesme much distress sometimes. I do not enjoy being ridiculed. Occasionally, whenit is by close friends and not in excess, it is ok. But oftentimes, I justwonder why my friends would be mean to me. I don’t understand why I can’t justrealize the fact that they are joking. Especially because I’ll do the samething back to them, and expect them to just be fine with it. I am attempting totoughen up and work on this, and so far, I have had some success. I just tryto dismiss it as a joke, and strive to not let it bother me.
Onemore thing, and this probably bothers people the most, about me is that I amultra melodramatic. I tend to blow things way out of proportion, sometimes forno real reason. Often times, it is because I really feel that the situationwarrants the attention I give it. Many people just think I’m dramatic bynature. I guess there are several situations that I see as very big crises, andothers see as just a small inconvenience. Part of the reason I do this is toadd at least a little variety to life. Living here in Iowa can get quite boringat times, so I feel the need to spice up my own life with some good old drama.
Despitethese faults that I find in myself, I still believe I am a good guy. Everyonehas good in them, though sometimes it takes a bit more effort to unearth. Ihave big plans for the rest of my life. My immediate longing was to livesomewhere other than Iowa. This is finally going to happen. Next year, I willbe attending Chapman University, a small private school in Orange, California,just thirty miles south of Los Angeles. I plan to study law, and am consideringa career in entertainment law; however, this is tentative and will probablychange many times before I finally decide what I want to do with my life.Whatever I do, I know that I want to make a success of myself, and I want tomake my family proud. I want to have at least one positive impact on the livesof the people who know me and on the world as a whole. I think I have a lotgoing for me. The future seems bright.
Thereis a song by Pink Floyd (my favorite band) that sums up how I feel aboutmyself, my life, and my future. It is called Learning to Fly. It is about aman who, as the title implies, wishes to learn to fly. He says, My soleintention is learning to fly. Condition grounded, but determined to try. Can’tkeep my eyes from the circling skies. Tongue-tied and twisted, just anearthbound misfit. I feel that at the end of high school, I really am learningto fly. I will be spreading my wings in a new state, with new people, and neweverything. I hope to one day see my shadow fly, out of the corner of mywatering eye. I will be able to start my new life, be who I want to be,experience life to the fullest, and for the first time, live.