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  • Mind Eraser?

    I wish I could have one of those cool mind erasers like they have in MIB, but one that only erases my regrets. There’s lots of things in my life that I both regret doing, and things that I regret not doing. But for me, they build up, and bug the hell out of me […]

  • Taxes Are Done

    Well my taxes are done for the year.. I should have my refund in a week. Oh the joys of e-file. Excellent. Though, I’m kind of annoyed that you can only do one state e-file a year. What if you’re like me and have to file in three states! That’s just annoying if you ask […]

  • Work!

    Yeah, so I’m fucked over for work on Setp 19th… I get to work Midnight to 5am and then 10am to 4pm! GREAT! Then i get to come in that night and work Midnight to 8am! I have a feeling that week will be hellish. Last night was good. JonJon and I hung out with […]