Yeah, so I’m fucked over for work on Setp 19th…

I get to work Midnight to 5am and then 10am to 4pm! GREAT! Then i get to come in that night and work Midnight to 8am! I have a feeling that week will be hellish.

Last night was good. JonJon and I hung out with Ty and then went up and hung out with Andrew. It was good times, though abit wierd all at the same time. We watched Noises Off, but they didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as I did.

Andrew and this Brandon kid have been hanging out a lot lately.

Umm, I’m working 1 to 10 today. It’s hellish like. I haven’t had a call all day… then as soon as I step out for 10 minutes, I get one and now I don’t k now how to get VM. It’s hellish!

My goal for the next two years is to invest $40,000. So by Dec 2006, I want to have that much invested in Mutual Funds/Etc. My goal is to have $8 Million by the time I reach 65. Hopefully I can overshoot that by a long shot, but who knows. I’m doing pretty good towards my short term goal for this year of having $12,000 saved. Nearly almost there.

I’ve looked into IRA’s from Principal. Decided they charge too much for management costs.. Typically in the 1-2% range, with some reaching as high at 6%. However, Suze says that you shouldn’t go with anything that’s charging more then 1%. However they don’t charge any transaction fees. So I dunno if that’ll out balance the higher management costs. I’m not sure if paying between 4 and 6 grand over my lifetime per investment carrier is ok or not.

in coming….

Sorry, stupid phones.

I’ve also requested some info from TR Price and some other people. We’ll see. I’d like to stick with Principal as that would make everything very easy… Bank/Health/Investments all in one spot.

I like being gay… Lots of extra money! 🙂

I also looked into insurance again… It’s going to be about $500 every 6 months to go without full coverage… And then $1,000 every 6 months with. I dunno what I should do. I’ll save a ton of month if I don’t get full coverage, and take the risk of killing my car. But it’s not like I _can’t_ afford a new car. So whatever. We’ll see.

Started checking out a new Wiki this morning… It’s called TWiki. I like it, but I think TikiWiki is the way to go for us. It seems so much easier and plus it’s Database driven which is what we want. Not this CGI/flat text shit. I still need to talk to Jon about what functionality he wants in the calendar aspect of it. Does he need a full fledged calendar, or just use the simple one that’s built into TikiWiki. It does all the basic stuff, including spanning day events, one thing that it doesn’t do is upcoming events that I can embed into another page. So that’s a downside since they seem to really like that feature of how it’s set up now.

Problem with the way it is now though is I haven’t been able to integrate the login tables. For some reason even though they both use MD5 encryption for the passwords, they don’t actually generate the same hash. Which is confusing. So whatever. I think if I can get that figured out it’d all work properly.

My Wasabi isn’t getting here soon enough. I talked to the engraving place the other day and they said they wouldn’t engrave my Yotta because it’s too expensive and they only accept things under $300. Since it was $400, they won’t take it. 🙁 I really want to get it engraved!

Ummm. Enough of my blab!

Laters all.

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