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Cali Has Changed You

So my aunt tonight said, “Cali sure has changed you”.

Yeah, we were talking about things, and she was like, yeah you don’t need to settle down yet, and stuff and blah blah. And I was like, that’s true. So she agreed with me.

And things with JonJon are going good. Though I wish there were a few things he’d change cause then he’d be like a really perfect bf. Namely his inability to manage money and his smoking and drinking. But yeah, other then that he’s really great.

Things with Andrew however aren’t that great. He wants to go on a date this weekend, which I’m not kean on, but I’ve agreed to it on Friday. We’ll see how that goes.

Tonight I was very annoyed though when Andrew called 4 times while JonJon and I were laying in bed. Very annoyed about it. I think that JonJon was a bit annoyed about it, along with when I talk to Andrew and stuff. Which it’s sad that he does.

I feel that I might have to break up with him soon… I dunno when, but sooner rather then later like I was planning on doing. I’d really like to keep this going as long as it should, because he’s a great bf.

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