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Where are my KEYS!

So yeah, last couple days… Lets see, tonight I hung out with JonJon and we all watched QaF and had a good time. Then I couldn’t find my keys when it came time to go to work. That was hellish. I was freaken out! It was scary shit.

My aunt sent me cookies! Yay. They are practically gone already. So yummy though! I called and talked to her for a while too. I guess the Aunt/Uncle people in PD complained to her about my not coming and visitint hem or something. So tomorrow/Today she’s going to e-mail me thier e-mail so that ican email them and find out when I can go out there. though both JonJon and Andrew want to go with me when I go, so I dunno how that’s going to work. I’ll probably just have to take two trips out there. We’ll see. The aunt told lots of funny stories though. It was great.

And since I don’t think I mentioned it yet, but the othe rnight my mother called me and was like. ‘Yeah don’t call/email me at work anymore, cause I don’t work there”…. Yeah, my mother just randomly up and quit her job. What a crazy! So who knows what’s going on with that shiz. She’s e-mailed me three times though in the last few days.. All of them very random…IE:

“Hay there; hows things going? Ms unemployed is having a good time so far. Dumped a bunch of money I didn’t have on a laptop. You’ll be proud to know that I got the ATT account loaded on it (I know, you’d do it in your sleep but for me it’s a small success!) F’ked up the loading of the MS office software. Got to call Billy and his boys on Monday to find out why the registration process isn’t accepting the product key information. I even got the thing password protected upon boot up! What a wild woman! “


“Do you have any old papers on the Holocaust? Do you remember the window in your old room that kept fogging over when it got hot? well, the other day when we came home the glass was just hanging by the top and side walls of the casing, the bottom fell out! Great to have a new house. We’re replacing that one window for $500! Keep in touch, I now have more time to talk, or is it e-mail withdrawal? “

And My Fav of all cause it’s so random:

“What is the purpose behind our suffering?

*To develop character. Suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and out of character comes hope. Hope is inside our hearts.

*To get our attention. Suffering is not vindictiveness, but instead perhaps there is an area of our lives that we’ve been unwilling to open up. This is a tool to get our attention to listen to others.

It never hurts to say your sorry, but when you do MEAN IT! Remember, NO ONE is perfect.”

Whatever, she’s crazy!

I’ve been going through and replying to a bunch of e-mails tonight too that I’ve been neglecting. Such as those three from her, and once from the G&G and one from Sara and I wrote big ass one to Barb and Nazanin. I hope they write me back!

Not too much exciting stuff has really been happening to me lately. Haven’t been up to LB in a couple weeks and that’s a bit sad.

Ty got a new kitchen table and I hate it. It’s really ugly and out of place. But whatever he likes, it is his place. I think him and Chris are having some problems too, but who knows. I’m hardly ever there anymore anyways.

I think I might see if JonJon and Andrew and to meet up tomorrow and watch a movie together. I feel like I’m arranging the meeting of North and South Korea or something. lol. It’s wierd. But I think it’s time they met and stuff.

Umm. IOWA! I wanna go back! ::whines::

I’ve begun changing my passwords on everything too… Too many people know my current password.

Laters all.

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Changing all your passwords?!? Well fuck…there goes my plan of spending the weekend hacking into your hotornot account and clicking yes to all the fat girls.

Now I’ll have to find something else to do…

lol. I forgot you knew some of them. 😛 Eh.

It’s all good… People will never be able to remember the one I have now…. 11 Chars long, with randomly replaces Symbols and numbers. It’s great!

I love it!

Hit me up on AIM sometime Adam!

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