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Sleeping… For 14 Hours!

So yesterday I slept for 14 hours… That’s 2:30ish AM tell 4:30ish PM.

Yeah. I’ve been a little depressed lately, and when I get depressed I get sleepy, and I sleep a lot.

This weekend would have been really great. But it got fucked up Saturday.

Friday I forget what I did.. Hung with Andrew for a while, then came home and hung with JonJon. Didn’t I? I’m not really sure anymore what I’ve been doing.

Saturday was supposed to be a really great day. I was supposed to go up to Chapman and hang out with Andrew and go to the Science Center and this really cool Dead body exhibit. And then come back hand out for a bit more then I was going to go back home and go out with JonJon and people and have a great night.

But it ended up being a horrible day and a mostly ok night.

I got up to Chapman early, because I was up early and we had a good morning, went to lunch then to the South Coast Mall and I bought my iTrip. Which I really like BTW.

Anyways, after that we drove all the way to LA, almost died twice because of stupid people entering the Car Pool lane when they shouldn’t have been. Then we got lost in fucking LA and the stupid USC game was there so traffic/parking was hellish.

Then we got there and parked and standing in line to buy the tickets and we get into this huge fight over the gas and the tickets and all this. It wasn’t really that big of a fucking deal, if he didn’t want to pay for any gas they he should just fucking have said. “I don’t want ot pay for any gas”. But instead he turned it into this HUGE long like 30 minute fight, during which I tried to just fucking leave the building and go home, but since we had already paid the 10 to get in, we didn’t. So instead we walked through the entire exhibit in complete silence. Which was compelete hell.

Then we just left after that because I wasn’t going to go through the rest of the science center in complete scielenc. But I was really annoyed because i wanted to fucking look at the rest of the damn place, because it was huge and looked really cool.

We went out to the car and Andrew refused to get in. Which just pissed me off even more.

Then we drove home and spent the whole time yelling at each other and him crying a lot. Which frankly I kknow this is really mean to say, but I’m sick of him crying all the time.

Anyways, he was saying all about how if we would just get back together that the fighting would stop and that he wants me back so badly and all this. But honestly, I don’t want to get back together if we’re fighting as much as we are currently. I don’t think the fighting will just stop if we were to get back togehter. I want a strong friendship-relationship before I would even think about starting back with him. And then all the fights from last year, and all that. I dunno.

I just don’t feel like it’s time to start something with him again.

After that I stayed around for a while and it was very wierd. I left and came home.

Layed on the bedroom floor listening to music for most of the night. JonJon came over for a while too.

Today was good, like I said, I slept for 14 hours. Then I went up to Chapman and played FF X-2 which was tons of fun. I love that game!

Anyways, laters all.

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