Taxes Are Done

Well my taxes are done for the year.. I should have my refund in a week. Oh the joys of e-file. Excellent.

Though, I’m kind of annoyed that you can only do one state e-file a year. What if you’re like me and have to file in three states! That’s just annoying if you ask me. Whatever I guess.

I finially got my new chair here at work, but it’s still not very comfy. I’m thinking I may take my refund and go buy a new chair. Or maybe I’ll spend it all on a trip abroad, or a new Mac Mini, or OMG, there’s just so much to spend it all on! Gah!

I’ll probably end up just paying off the rest of my credit card with it. Once I do that it’ll leave me with $144 of my refund left. Just enough to buy QaF Season 4 and something else small. Blah.

But that means I’ll have $500 a month extra to spend on Mutual Funds and investments! Woot! My goal is to own at least $1,000 in all of TRowe Price’s Mutual Funds which are performing well. And a few of the others too. I’d really like to buy the Japan or Asian mutual funds, just to see what happens. It’d be fun I think!

Speaking of that, in the last two weeks I’ve gained a whopping $35 on my $3000 investment! YAY! Money. Hopefully they will continue to go up and not down… I don’t like red, or down arrows anymore.

Umm, much else going on… I’m sick. 🙁 I’ve been downing cough drops like mad. And I think I’m going to go home about 6 this morning. Maybe earlier.

I came in 2 hours early today just to do the build with Scott and, well he wasn’t here. And the build failed yet again.

How hard is it really, when you check something into ICARBS, you should immediatly upload it to VSS!! It’s REALLY not that hard. Why do people consistently forget to upload it to VSS when they check it into ICARBS?! Gah! It annoys me so much. I wish I could call the fucking developers at night when they do something that stupid.

Blah blah blah. I’m sure.

Ok. Well I’m out everyone. Got studying to do.

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