My Life

Cube City

Well, yesterday I was moved out of my office….

And into my bery own CUBE!

Whoppy (SP?)

It’s actually not that bad. It’s a HUGE cube, and I can still get a faily good view of the windows.

The back side of it is open to the ping pong table, so that’s kinda fun. But not much else to report.

I don’t like that anyone walking by can see my computer screen. I may be moving some stuff around here soon.

Today I went to Ikea with JonJon, and Andrew got all pissed at me because I wouldn’t come up there.

We had a good time at Ikea and I found some stuff that I want to buy, but didn’t because the lines were REALLY long, also went to Best Buy, Wal-Mart and a few other places looking for ergonomic keyboards. Why can’t I find ANY! I really don’t want to buy one from online because that means I won’t get to type on it first. And I like to have a keyboard that, well fits.

I went out to get my mail at like noon today and this random lady from next door stopped me andw as like, Do you have a cat that looks almost exactly like this, and I was like, yeah. And then we talked for a while. I twas really random.

Anyways, laters all.

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