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Ok… Real Update

Hmm, it’s been so long since I updated.. What to write about.

Not too much really going on. 6.0.7 deploy has been hellish. 47 scripts and the thrid one failed like 100 times before we figured out what was wrong with it. 6.0.7 was finally deployed late last night and here I am doing 6.0.8 now. Gah!

This weekend was good. Went up to the science center on Friday and that was fun. Saturday hung out with Andrew, and same sunday. Came home Sunday night and did work.

Monday was more work, long day!

Got up and hung out and did more work from 8-10:30. Then gym and now more work again.

Ben is going to be coming in here soon to teach me more stuff.

I look really cute today, I bought a new shirt at Urban Outfitters on Sunday, it was only $5!

Been studyng for my SECUR test. (Yes, it doesn’t have an E on the end) This test is probably going to be the hardest yet. I really don’t understand VPNs.

Umm, yep.

Laters all.

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