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  • Sink Eater!

    It’s been a really boring week for me. Lots of work, biking, working out and QaF. I’ve taken on another contract job. This one will be only about 10 hours and then done with. Although there is perhaps a chance of monthly maint. It’ll be fun. The hardware was ordered, so nothing much to really […]

  • Revolution Time!

    Seriously people, what is WRONG with this country, 3 school shootings in the last week, this guy in congress, Dirty dirty dirty. It’s time for a revolution. If this doesn’t wake up all those damn right wing bitches, then what will!? This man was head of the group to protect children online and yet he […]

  • Application IN!

    So, I finially got the application for that place, and sent it in. That was one hell of a hassle in and of itself. After all the work I’ve put in to get this place, I HAD BETTER GET IT! One thing I don’t get though is why do the landlords think they have the […]

  • Top Story!!

    Ok, so I guess I need to clarify about this whole going quiet thing… It’s not that I’m going to completly stop updating… Just that MORE of my entries will be private. IE, I had a date last night… Info about that = Private Entry. 🙂 So last night though and all this morning, the […]

  • Another Day…

    Another Sleepless night… Got about 3 or 4 hours last night! Why am I so fucked up? You might also notice that this post is much earlier then normal. That’s because I’m starting work at 5am this morning. Blah! I also have to cover the HD from 9am to 1pm. Grrr. So last night I […]