Application IN!

So, I finially got the application for that place, and sent it in. That was one hell of a hassle in and of itself. After all the work I’ve put in to get this place, I HAD BETTER GET IT! One thing I don’t get though is why do the landlords think they have the right to know your bank account numbers, etc?! I mean, with all that information it would be VERY SIMPLE for them to drain your account of EVERY PENNY!

In other news… seems things with Dustin aren’t going to work out, and here I was hoping that things were on the right path… I haven’t heard squat from him since Saturday morning. He said he’d call me last night, and never did. I’m kinda sad about it. I was wanting to have “the talk” with him this week, see how things were going for him, tell him how I was feeling, and see where he wanted to take things. But I guess this is a good indication.

I guess it’s time to start looking again. 🙁 Maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions, honestly I hope I am.

I was supposed to write something about some NDA things here, but I can’t remember what they were about….

The stupid old man won american idol, WTF is up with that?

Not much else to report, adios.

Edit:// Ok, I just read about this on CNN: Congress passes funeral protest ban. Ok, I hate Fred Phelps as much as the next guy, but isn’t there something like freedom of assembly or some shit? How can they ban people from doing this. I think it’s stupid. Ugh, rights people, where are they going?!?! I didn’t see them passing fucking bans when they protests at Matthew Shepards funeral, where were they for that? Jackasses.

3 thoughts on “Application IN!”

  1. I just checked out that ban by Congress.

    The group that is doing the protest is from Kansas. About 1 year ago there was a guy from here that was killed by a supposed friend after they had been out drinking. Well the victim was gay and had try to hit on this guy one too many times and I guess killed him.

    When they had a benefit for the victim this Church from Kansas came here and protested the whole thing. So maybe in some small way this ban may be okay for certain individuals in our society who think what they are doing is right, which in fact it is not.

  2. It probably is the same church, this church protests gay things all over the country.

    The point is that, even though this ban will stop something that I don’t approve, congress should NOT be legislating such things.

    And issue like this should be taken care of by society, through power of influence, etc. When this group protested at Shepards funeral, a bunch of people got together and assembled in a circle around the Phelps group wearing white robes and gigantic wings that literally blocked the protesters from the view of passers-by.

    That is how this should be taken care of, not by congress.

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