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Ok, so I guess I need to clarify about this whole going quiet thing… It’s not that I’m going to completly stop updating… Just that MORE of my entries will be private. IE, I had a date last night… Info about that = Private Entry. 🙂

So last night though and all this morning, the “TOP STORY” on all the news stations was about Britney Spears putting her child on her lap while she was driving. And now she’s apparently under investigation for Child Endangerment! WTF?

_I_ Remember growing up and pretty much ONLY sitting on my dad’s lap when we were driving around town, the same with when I was with my grandpa! People are just fucking going crazy about this and it’s really annoying. This is NOT THE TOP NEWS STORY OF THE DAY. How about all the fires going on, or the peoplpe dying in this retarted war, or the HUGE spending bill that Bush is trying to push through congress or any of the other things that ACTUALY MATTER!

Fucking news people. Grrr.


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