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Good bye, Achgeluneuch.

To me, Blake died today…

He’s made the choice to end our friendship. I caught him in what seems like a lie a last week. I asked him that if he were telling the truth to bring me a picture. Just ONE PICTURE is all I requested. He was down last night to see Austin and didn’t bring the picture, nor did he stop at my house to discuss it. He CLAIMS that every picture of his “best friend” that he’s had his ENTIRE life is in storage. YEAH RIGHT!

I regret ever introducing Austin and Blake. This whole issue with Blake is putting a HUGE strain on the friendship with Austin, and being that that friendship is so new, I’m not sure it can overcome the issues.

I respect Austin for not just ending his friendship with Blake as Blake hasn’t DONE anything to Austin yet, but at the same time it pisses me off. Because Austin was the one who REALLY started to push my doubts about him.

Whatever, fucking jack ass people. I think it’s REALLY time to get the hell out of here.

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