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Sink Eater!

It’s been a really boring week for me. Lots of work, biking, working out and QaF. I’ve taken on another contract job. This one will be only about 10 hours and then done with. Although there is perhaps a chance of monthly maint. It’ll be fun. The hardware was ordered, so nothing much to really do with it till that gets here.

I purchased these videos on iTunes the other day, you should all go watch them here: The Ride. Very moving. And then please go donate to me! I’m still at $0! I need some money to get started.

Work Work has been really boring. I’m waiting on this guy to get things done, sadly he can’t test his own software because he needs access to our Cisco VoIP system, so every time he changes something he has to e-mail it to me and it never works right. I just want the window to pop up to the front! Why is that so hard. You can see a demonstration of what I’m doing here.

NBC being sued by insinkerator. I think this is retarded. In one of the new “Heros” episodes it showed a girl’s hand getting eaten off by a garbage disposal. Comon people, get over it. They already block out the words “Coke” and “Pepsi” and everything else on TV shows. How bad is this going to get. Products get used in real life. Get over it! Yeah its showing your product in a bad light, but so what. It’s showing that these things can be dangerous. No matter what garbage disposal you have it’s going to be dangerous!

I also read this article about the 10 worst congressmen. It really pissed me off. These people claim to be so much more morally superior to us and all this shit. Yet look at what they’ve done. Sadly none of the candidates to replace them are all that much beter. I still say we need a revolution!

Plans for this weekend include: Biking saturday morning, working on my clock some more, buying some painting supplies, cleaning, watching QaF with this guy I’ve been talking to, more gym, and baking an apple pie! Go me!

My clock has been sitting on the floor for over a month now, just waiting for my EE man to complete his part. Very annoying because he keeps saying he’ll get to it. I finially got pissed and found someone else to do it. So I asked him for my stuff back. Said he’d drop if off last weekend, nothing. He BETTER fucking drop it off THIS weekend or I’ll be pissed.. Perhaps file a stolen items report or something. who knows!

I got a couple checks the other day from my first couple contract jobs. I remember why I never clean off my desk. Because when I do I CAN NOT find what I need. My bank has these special envelopes that you send your deposits in. If you don’t use the envelopes they send you it takes up to a week longer to get the money. So I went looking for them to send in these checks.. NO WHERE to be found! I know I had at least 10 of them not that long ago! 🙁

I completed my first Automator script the other day. 44 items, it’s pretty cool. Although it’s so simple it confused the hell out of me! 🙂


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