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  • I need motivation!

    I’m very un-motivated right now. I want to just sit in my apartment all the time and do nothing. Watch TV, mindless TV and do absolutely nothing. I’m getting so fed up with our governmental system and coming into work every day and not learning anything and usually not having anything to do. I’m fed […]

  • Money!

    So I had that meeting with my boss yesterday and it went really well. We talked about things that could be improved.. Mostly about getting me more into the loop. As well as how we can handle on call issues. We’re going to come up with a new tiered on call schedule. So Oscar and […]

  • What is WRONG with people!

    Ok, what is wrong with people… Here are a few of todays top news storys: 1) Kids get fined $1,000 for handing out cookies to be nice 2) PA is going to fine you $50 if your underwear is showing 3) CA is banning bon fires 4) CA is banning cosmetic surgery for animals (IE, […]

  • “I’m Stupid, What About Group Marriges”

    God, so last night I watched Larry King Live, and it was the funniest thing I’ve EVER seen. They had on there, The mayor of SF, a stupid republican who introduced the amendment, some idiot pastor and a hot hot gay boy, named Chad. Anyways, it was very funny and everytime the rep would talk […]

  • He Needs to Be GONE!

    President Bush condemned the Massachusetts court ruling on gay marriage on Wednesday, and conservative groups said the White House had informed them that the president would soon endorse efforts to pass an amendment to the United States Constitution defining marriage to be between a man and a woman. Mr. Bush, in a statement issued by […]