What is WRONG with people!

Ok, what is wrong with people… Here are a few of todays top news storys:

1) Kids get fined $1,000 for handing out cookies to be nice

2) PA is going to fine you $50 if your underwear is showing

3) CA is banning bon fires

4) CA is banning cosmetic surgery for animals (IE, tail cuttings, ear cliping, AND CAT DECLAWING etc)

5) IA is banning spinning hubs

6) Kid gets supsended for bringing a butter knife to school to butter bread

7) Kid gets suspended for turning in a gun he found at a school bus stop

These are 5 good reasons why the law system here is fucked up… If these idiots in congress have enough time to bitch about such stupid things and to make laws about them… Then they clearly need less time in congress and less pay.

This country is turning into a moronic police state. And sadly, since most of the country follows Cali’s example, it’s going to be pretty bad. It seems you can’t fucking do anything here without breaking some law.

Gah! Let me off!

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