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So I had that meeting with my boss yesterday and it went really well. We talked about things that could be improved.. Mostly about getting me more into the loop. As well as how we can handle on call issues. We’re going to come up with a new tiered on call schedule. So Oscar and I are like Tier 1, then Ben and Steve are tier 2 and then Murtaza, Eric and the developers are Tier 3 depending on what the problem is. It puts me on call twice as much as I’d want to be, but I think it’ll be ok. However it also means that any weekend deploys that are to happen on your oncall week are your job to do. But I guess that’s ok too.

I also talked to him about the computer, which I now have a nice big box next to my desk. The phone, which he talked about getting me Zac’s old one for now and working on the rest of that later. And the best news is that I got a raise, since I’m now “off” help desk and an official JR. Systems Admin!!! YAY! And it’s more then I was thinking it would be, but of course less then I was HOPING it would be. lol However, I found a great System Admin position at GeoLearning in WDM, so I’m going to apply for that still.

And as a good job note, I’ve already spent $400. lol. I went out today and bought a bluetooth mouse, three new shirts, Dick Van Dyke season 3, MST3k The essentials, QaF Season 4, and two new sets of sheets for my bed. 🙂 Don’t worry, after next month it’s ALL going to my savings! lol.

Also congress.. Whoopie.. Recently passed a new bill which basically allows DHS to set the state drivers licenses and how they look, and all that good stuff…. IT was passed 100-0 in the sen. I suggest everyone e-mail the stupid congress people and bitch them out. I already did. Apparently there’s even a nice clause in there that says the courts can’t interfere with this either.

The DHS should have NO RIGHT to tell the states how to design the state drivers licenses. It’s bascailly getting the DHS the NATIONAL ID CARD that they have been pushing for in a very indirect manner.

You should also go read this: Downsize DC

And last note: Idiots that BRAKE at GREEN lights need to be shot.


PS, I saw my hot boy at the gym today, and he was talking to someone in the locker room…. And he has a HOT accent! ::dies::

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Congrats on the raise and promotion. And good luck with the job application. I hope you get it and it brings you the salary you deserve.

We bought season four of QAF too. We’ve been doing a QAF marathon and just finished the first disk of Season 3. I remembered most of the shows but forgot what happened in each season. Like I thought Justin’s attack was at the end of season 2, not 1. Things like that. Both of us missed several shows in Seasons 3 and 4 so we are looking forward to seeing them.


I bought seasons 1-3 a long time ago. I also have the British 1&2. I can’t watch those any more, or season 1 of the US cause I have it memorized! I might have to re-watch season 3 before I start in on season 4 though. I’m very excited. I wish I had SHO so I could watch it weekly. 🙁


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