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OMG, so tonight’s episode of Gilmore girls was AMAZING! I’m so mad that next week is the season end! OMG! I’m going to cry!…. I can’t wait three months for it to start again!

It starts off with Rory in the slammer and gets even more insane from there. The last five minutes of the finale will make you cry and the last two lines of the finale will make you gasp, then squeal with delight, then throw up your fists in rage that you have to wait three months to see what happens. Who says the last two lines? Lorelai. Then Luke. And they are both questions. Rory has such an unexpected downward spiral, including a felony and jail time (I’m not kidding) that she ends up living in a different location at the end of the episode. It sets up an entirely different dynamic for next season. Logan and Rory will not break up, Lorelai is not going away for the summer.


Umm, nothing’s happening. I’m BORED as hell again. I’m so nervous for my meeting this morning though. I really just want it to be over with, so I know what the hell is going on!

I had a dream last night that he told me they had decided on a second data center location and it was in Kansas City! And they were going to move me there to be the Sys Admin for it! I was so Excited! But I knot the chances of that happening are like a million to 1 because they are looking for New Jersey or some such. Anyways. Blah.

Jenkins has been calling/talking to me a lot lately. It’s all very random. That boy is so crazy, and he seems to just pop out of no where! It sad that he’s drunk so much, or else he’d make a good boy. He claims he’s calming down, but I haven’t seen it. lol

I’ve been dreaming about buying a new car lately.. Of course we all know that will never happen, well at least not for a long while. But I really want one. I’m getting so tired of this stupid saturn. And I feel like it’s going to crap out on me anytime now.

I got another phone call today for an interview offer. Sadly it was for out here in Irvine. Some ISP company, for NOC monitoring and such. Sounded really cool, but I turned them down for an interview because I like the job that I’m at now. I just wish I were more in the loop as it is currently here. Which hopefully after this meeting this morning I will be.

My PU’s might be coming out to visit at the end of this month/begining of next month. So that’s exciting. I just don’t know what we’ll do… Have I talked about that already?!

Have I also mentioned that I’m thinking of a trip to Mexico this fall? I’m planning on a cost of about $3,000.. That’s including airfare for me and half of someone else. Cause I know that no one I know can afford it, so I think if I offer to pay half they could. Plus the hotel is only $25 american a night. So that’s dead cheap. I’m just not sure WHO to ask, or WHEN to go. I kinda want to ask Jed, or Jenkins, cause they would both be fun to go with. But I haven’t hung out with Jed in years, and well they are both in school (One teaching, one going). So I’d have to go either over t-day or christmas break. And that will be more expensive…. I’ve been wondering if maybe I can get some of those free tickets from Berdine and Florence. Hmmm…

I’m extra annoyed at Andrew right now. Some idiot has been leaving him mean comments on his journal. And just because I’m not talking to him right now, he immediatly assumes it’s me and WRITES it on his journal instead of coming to me and ASKING me if it is me. Grrr. I’ve burned him a DVD with all the stuff that he lost, that I happened to have… Actually, it’s about 2 gigs worth of shit of his that I had. Random, isn’t it? So he’ll get most of his pics back and all the ones that we took while we were together. At one point I had everything of his (because he used my computer to back up his). But I deleted all the documents. But I think he’ll be pleased to at least get the pics back… Though after the way he treated me today. I’m wondering if I should even give it to him.

I’ve been in a pretty pissy mood lately.

Feliz Navidad everyone.

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I know this is REALLY not my place to say anything…but just basing from what I know…I think Andrew would really appareciate the pictures and whatnot. Regardless of how you two are now, who knows what will happen in the future…and I for one know you *both* will want those memories. Take it from me…

A vacation sounds so good right now. Maybe Tim and I will be able to do something this year. I hope so. We need time together but away from that hospital environment.

Yes, I really want to go on a vacation right about now. I’m getting really tired of being in the southern cali area. I just want to get out and go somewhere… Even if it’s just to AZ or NM for a week or something that’d be nice.

I Hope that you two will be able to get somewhere soon!

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