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  • House, Travel, Projects

    I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in nearly a month. It’s been so busy to be honest. Moving, new house, shopping, etc. After my last blog post Jeremy came. We had a good time, but it confirmed that long exposure to him annoys me. If you tell someone to freaking plan out stuff for you […]

  • Calvin…. Lima and NYC

    I’ve been traveling way to much this month. But let’s start with the house. It’s mine, at last! After so many headaches and “today”, “today”, “today”. I own a house! We finally signed the paper work for the day before I left. I haven’t even seen it yet since it’s officially mine! I can’t wait […]

  • Drama, Drama, Everywhere!

    So much drama lately. Let’s start with the house. It appears there is no way I’ll be moving into the house this weekend. SUCK! My “friend” Jay over at the mortgage company was basically lying to me about how far along the whole shit was. He said LAST MONDAY that we would have the loan […]

  • Dating!

    I _HATE_ dating. I went on two dates this weekend. They both sucked. You know what I hate even more… Dating as a POZ guy. Ugh. When do you tell someone. What happens when I do tell them and they freak out and dump me. Ugh. This process is going to be even more depressing […]

  • The end of ECH

    Last saturday we got into a fight about him being unable to love. Our agreement was that he’d go get counseling, maybe we’d do couples therapy. We’d work through it. Tuesday he tells me he “googled ‘what is love’” and that we needed to talk. He got him shortly after me. I was sitting on […]