Movie Premier, High, Visitors..

So this past weekend has been pretty crazy.

Friday night I worked. AGAIN! I was only here till about 10pm though which was really good! I got to see Manuel as well. Yum!

Saturday I got up and met up with Daniel about 11 and we drove to Hollywood to meet with my aunt. Got to Hollywood and Highland and we were looking around for stuff and Daniel found some rings he really liked but there was no one there to buy them from. Very strange!

So met with aunt, she was crazy, saw the movie “Earth” which was amazing, then Daniel and I went shopping for a bong and bought one. lol. Went to eat at this sushi place and then back to my house. Where we got high. Very entertaining. We watched the sunset, a movie called “A Dirty Shame” and then ate pizza and went to bed. lol.

Sunday I got up and went rock climbing, which I SUCKED at. Some hot guy came who was wearing a philmont belt, but he was kinda stuck up and annoying. I left climbing early and came home to nap for a bit then dustin called JUST as I was getting into bed, so I went to pick him up. Then we went out and bought steaks and cooked dinner at home and drank beer.

Monday I worked, that night Dustin and I hung out with Jason. I was pretty annoyed with Jason most of the night. Whatever

Today is more work.

I want to be out in the sun enjoying it and having a great time! UGH!

Back from WA

So I’ve spent this week in WA and it’ s been a REALLY rough work week.

Monday I went into the office and worked for 3 hours there. I’m sure CFO did something stupid to piss me off!… [goes to read twitter account]….
That’s right. He forgot his gmail password! (we host our email on gmail). He sent me three nasty emails about getting it reset. Umm, do I REALLY have to tell someone to click on the fucking “Reset password” link? REALLY?! Are you that fucking stupid.

Anyways, got to Pasco and went to the office. Met the crew there and did some minor work to get the week started. The office manager there really pissed me off, but I think it’s just her personality. Got out of the office about 9ish and headed to the hotel which was really nice.

Got up Tuesday morning at 7 and was in the office by 8. Things went down hill. Basically I spent the day trying to figure out why one computer couldn’t connect to the internet. Apparently our new ASA that we bought only had 10 licenses and we were running WAY more then 10 things behiind it. So I had to scramble to get a new license. It was a huge mess. But I met the guy working the WA shipping office. He’s from Miami and HOT. I wish he lived in LA.

So because of him and other problems in shipping I spent 90% of my time there working on things. He’s sooo cute! And I kept getting vibes from him, but then he’d talk about girls. Who knows. Anyways, I got his number and we’ve been txting today.

Basically in two days I put in 12 hours Tuesday and 15 hours Wed. Had a lot of fun, but it was also a lot of hard work while I was there. I hope that I can go visit Peruvian in WA and Miami sometime! 🙂

The plant there is amazing. So much technology but also so much manual labor still! They were building these amazing machines to help assist with the picking and stuff. Just really neato!

Last night the 4 of us went out for drinks and pool. Had lots of laughs. I went to bed and got up at 4am to catch my flights back. They were really nice and went into Salt Lake city again which was great. I really need to go visit!

Headed to WA!

So I’m headed to WA in an hour or so. Good stuff. I actually just google mapped Pasco to find out where the fuck it is in the world. Come to find out it’s only 3 hours to some MAJOR stuff that I would love to do! So next time I go, I’ll spend more time up there and plan the trip a little bit better!

So this past weekend was really good. Thursday night, Sirin, Daniel and I went out to dinner and then drinks. Had a lot of fun, lots of chatting, lots of laughing.

Friday was more work. I actually WALKED in on the CFO having a meeting with our contractor about a project that _I_ am doing. He was telling the contractor NOT to do my project that it wasn’t part of the scope of our work. Then after he hung up he DENIED having the meeting, DENIED telling them to NOT do the work: “Chris, I just told him to go ahead with the work, I don’t see what the problem is.” I then had a meeting with the contractor who said that, “I’ve been given the permission to give you information on how to do it.”

UGH. Fucking jackass.

So that night I had dinner and wine with Daniel again. He actually spent the night and we had some “fun”. 😉 Slept very well that night!

Got up Saturday morning and he drove me up to get the Bronco. Got it back to the office, he dropped me off, I cleaned my apartment and then went out shopping.

First stop: DSW Shoes. Where I bought 3 new pairs of shoes! I NEARLY bought a very cute pair of Hugo Boss dress shoes, but they were $150. So I didn’t! 🙁

Second stop: Target. Some bitch yelled at me because I was trying to get around her fat ass. Her HUGE ass was blocking the WHOLE isle and she was walking so fucking slow… Also some fat mexicans were blocking the condoms. Then I come out of the store and this HUGE mexican bitch is trying to get into her truck. With her door LEANING on my car. I move it and there’s this HUGE white mark on the side of my car. I start yelling at her and threaten to call the cops. Blah blah blah. Stupid fat bitch.

Drove home and this asshole pulls out RIGHT infront of me. I have to slam on my brakes and then honk at him and swerve around him to avoid hitting. He starts to tail gate me, so at the next red light I slow down WAY before I need to. He gets all pissy and at the next light he pulls up next to me and starts trying to hit me and make me run off the road. Then pulls RIGHT in front of me, STOPS his car, GETS out and starts screaming at me and hitting my car! So I back up, go around him and speed off. Turn the next corner and get down to the end of the street and then I see him behind me AGAIN! Asshole was following me! So I speed off and lose him in the twists and turns of PV. Fucking crazy ass people!

So that night I made cupcakes and then Daniel came over again. He only stayed for a couple hours but we watched a movie and then he went to Weho with some friends.

Sunday I got up and went rock climbing. Nothing to exciting there. I only got to climb once! To damn many girls are coming climbing now and Jerry is all about letting the girls climb over the guys which is very annoying. But whatever.

Came home from that, packed, did some random shit and then went to bed.

That’s about all people. Later!

PS. I can’t believe it’s been a year since Const and I broke up….

Weekend of WORK!

So this past weekend, all I did was WORK WORK WORK!

It started at 8:30am Friday when I got a call. Nothing major, just someone needing shit done which sucked. So I got out of bed and headed to the office, got in there, then started getting ready for the evenings project. Aaron was on his way in and we were going to dismantle and then re-rack the entire rack system. So by 5 I had most of the minor systems out and then at 5 I shut down the rest of the stuff. By the time aaron got there and we got done chatting it was dinner time, so the Controller ordered in Dinner for us. After that we shut down the last server and started cleaning up and dismantling the network connections.

So anyways, after tons and tons of work, we got everything back in to the rack and got the major stuff back up and working by 5am Saturday.

Got home and slept till noon and then got up again and headed back to the office. It was supposed to not take as long but of course it wasn’t another easy night. We took systems down by 3pm and they got back up at midnight. The new systems are great! 🙂 I can’t wait to get to start actually using them!

One major problem is that my Linux VZ server is having major RAID problems now, so that sucks.

We got done with on Saturday and this REALLY hot Warehouse worker invited Aaron and I out to dinner, so we went and I paid. I’ll just charge the company! haha. Aaron got the guy’s number! lol

Got home and went to bed by 2 and then Sunday I got up at 7 am went rock climbing. It was an amazing day! I’m so glad that I went because we learned how to do a short rope rappel which was just an amazing experience!

Came home around 5ish and met up with Daniel again. He’s so super cute. We both always laugh and chat a lot when he’s here, but I’m just a little concerned about A) his lack of schooling and B) his pot smoking! 🙁

We shall see where that goes.

Today I got up late cause I woke up at 4am puking. So I got dressed up, packed up my bag and then go to the office. Went to get my bag out of the back seat and it was missing! So I had to come back home. So I’m just working from home today. HOWEVER, since my Linux server is dead. I have no idea what I need to do! LOL

Grandma leaves tomorrow!

It’s been a BUSY weekend here! I’ve driven over 700 miles with grandma in the last few days.

So Friday, Jason and I left work early and headed out to Palm Springs. On the way there we stopped at the Octo-Mom’s house for some fun and entertainment! Got to PS and saw the sign for the tram way and jason said he’d never been on it. So we took a detour there and played in the snow some!

Picked up grandma from PS after some swimming and a delicious dinner!

Got home late and went to bed, Saturday we got up and went to downtown where I showed her around some then saw Frost/Nixon the play. Amazing! 🙂 To bad it’s not still playing!

After that we went to the farmers market and then came home.

Sunday we got up and went out to meet the rock climbing group, did some MINOR rock climbing, and then tried to eat lunch with the group, but it was getting to late so we had to go home. Made the noodles and roast and then relaxed around the house for a bit.

That evening we had a dinner party at Jason’s house which was TONS of fun. Sirin, Jason, my grandma and I had a great time just chatting and hanging out and what not. Also Jason made amazing Cheesecake and Sirin made brownies! YUM!

Monday morning we got up and had breakfast at the local crepe place with the BITCHY waitress, then headed out and we saw the Hsi Lai Temple, Watts Towers, ate lunch at a Vegan place and then went Wine Tasting, then saw Venice beach and drove home after that and again spent the evening at the house.

Tuesday we got up and lounged around the house a bit then drove off to eat lunch at this place called “The Counter” that my grandma told me about a long time ago. She seemed to enjoy it! From there we drove around 3rd street in santa monica, then off to the Getty for the afternoon. Once we were done there we drove home, made dinner and waited for my aunt to get there.

After she leaves I only get 2 days to myself before more company comes! What a busy busy life!