Movie Premier, High, Visitors..

So this past weekend has been pretty crazy.

Friday night I worked. AGAIN! I was only here till about 10pm though which was really good! I got to see Manuel as well. Yum!

Saturday I got up and met up with Daniel about 11 and we drove to Hollywood to meet with my aunt. Got to Hollywood and Highland and we were looking around for stuff and Daniel found some rings he really liked but there was no one there to buy them from. Very strange!

So met with aunt, she was crazy, saw the movie “Earth” which was amazing, then Daniel and I went shopping for a bong and bought one. lol. Went to eat at this sushi place and then back to my house. Where we got high. Very entertaining. We watched the sunset, a movie called “A Dirty Shame” and then ate pizza and went to bed. lol.

Sunday I got up and went rock climbing, which I SUCKED at. Some hot guy came who was wearing a philmont belt, but he was kinda stuck up and annoying. I left climbing early and came home to nap for a bit then dustin called JUST as I was getting into bed, so I went to pick him up. Then we went out and bought steaks and cooked dinner at home and drank beer.

Monday I worked, that night Dustin and I hung out with Jason. I was pretty annoyed with Jason most of the night. Whatever

Today is more work.

I want to be out in the sun enjoying it and having a great time! UGH!

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