Garden, Sex!

So this weekend was tons of fun, although I was also slightly annoyed for a while.

Friday night I got off work a little late because I was doing some network maint. Drove over to Sirin’s house and we chatted, looked at the back yard and then went out to dinner at this realy yummy place. I had beef stroganoff which was delicious!

Got home from that and went to bed. Saturday morning I got up early, made myself breakfasta and then headed over to Sirin’s house to start the garden. She was supposed to be there at 9, but didn’t show up til 9:30. So I took the time to clean up the bronco. I found some really interesting stuff under the seats and what not!

Anyways, she showed up and then told me apparently she had two more people coming as wel. So we had to wait till almost 10:30 for them! Once they got there we loaded up the trucks and drove to Home Depot. Where things started to go downhill.

This bitch that had come to help was a little miss know it all. And we all know that I am KING know it all. So we did not get along very well. I told her that we needed to buy some wood for the sides of the bed, and I suggested that we get the plastic wood stuff so that it doesn’t rot and get termites and stuff and she just thought that was the most rediculous thing ever and we just need regular wood and blah blah blah and where did you hear that from and that stuff will leach into the soil. Ugh. So then we went to get the soil and she was being a bitch about buying manure and peet. (You don’t need that just get soil). Umm, excuse me. I grew up in a farm state. I planted gardens every year with my grandfather and my father. I think I know JUST A LITTLE about planting things.

So then we get to buying the plants and the woman talked sirin into buying ALL starter plants. (PS who knew they sold CORN starter plants?!). It was gonna be like $200 just for the plants! So I told sirin, fuck that, just get seeds. You get like 100 seeds for a $1. Who cares if some of them don’t come up. So then the woman was all, “well if you’re going to get seeds you HAVE to get the starter packs for the seeds”. Ugh. JUST PUT THEM IN THE GROUND. That’s what they are MADE for!

Sirins GardenSo anyways, we FINALLY get back to Sirin’s around 1pm and then they wanted lunch so we took a lunch break. Then we unload the cars. I had 14 bags of dirt in the back of the bronco. I started unloading it and had to carry ALL those bags about 200 feet back to the back yard. I did it ALL by myself. They just stood around the front yard chatting and casually unloading the other stuff which should have taken 2 seconds. Then we get started only to find out that A) sirin’s drill wasn’t charged and B) she didn’t have any dill bits. So then we just stood around and the girls were like, “well let’s make mimosas!” By this time it was 3:45 and we hadn’t done ANYTHING except for spend tons of money at Home Depot.

So I get really annoyed, but thankfully the other two people had to leave shortly. So as soon as they left. I start doing work and we get the whole garden built. Make ANOTHER trip to home depot for 14 MORE bags of dirt (which I again had to unload BY MY SELF). And got everything planted in like an hour and a half. It was amazing.

So after that we sat, drank wine, chatted and had a good time. I drove home and showered to get all the manure smell off and then went to bed.

Sunday I got up and went rock climbing. I had been driving the bronco all weekend and my car at the office. So I drove the bronco back to the office to pick up my car and the bastards had parked a SEMI across our parking lots blocking the drive way! UGH. THANKFULLY I was JUST able to squeeze my car past the semi, but I couldn’t fit the bronco, so I had to park it INFRONT of the semi! LOL.

Got to climbing and we setup three new climbs this weekend and had a great bunch of people. Only one girl this time! Which was crazy.

Drove home after that, did some stuff around the house and then wash crashed in bed by 9pm! lol.

Monday I did’t really do much, got home from work, cleaned up the apartment some and then watched TV. Tuesday I biked to work and that was great. But I got a flat tire on the way home which was fucking annoying.

Tuesday night Daniel came over and we had a really good time. He was very affectionate this time, must more so then normal. I actually let him top me this time too, which was crazy hot.. For being a tiny little Mexican, he sure knows how to move. 😉 After that he was STILL horny so then I topped him, but i was sooo fucking tired that we didn’t finish.

So after that we had some talking which was good. Talked about random stuff and friends and relationships and what not. It was good. Apparently he doesn’t like to meet people’s friends, he thinks it’s a big deal or something. Anyways, whatever. He also said he’s trying to cut back/quit the whole pot thing, but we’ll see how that goes. He left at like 11 and I went to bed.

This morning has been crazy, some remote user totally fucked up his computer and he can’t log into it. Ugh!

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  1. Unloading vehicles by yourself? I see you still have lots of the work ethic you were brought up with still in you!!

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