Boys boys BOYS!

Ugh, So I’m already getting very burned out with the whole dating scene.

I’ve had like 5 or 6 dates since really starting to get back into the swing of things. Most of them all turn out to have something that I really don’t like. For instance, one is cute and funny, but he smokes pot (Daniel). A lot of pot! So there goes that one. Another one, also cute and funny and he’s really been out there, seen life, etc. He’s the navy boy that spent the night. BUT he doesn’t really have any ambition in life, doesn’t know what he wants to do, “doesn’t care” about Obama, the prop 8 fight, etc. He’s TRAINED jet engine mechanic but is working as a server in a restaurant. Really? You couldn’t find ANYTHING better after getting out of the Navy?

The other are all ok I guess, but I just don’t know. Where’s the guy who we work together so well. I think part of the problem is that I’ve already built up such a life for myself, an apartment, a rental house, a cat, two cars, and lots of adventures. This is something that’s going to be hard to merge into someone elses life. But I think that it’s possible to do, right? Does this independence scare off people?

I’ve got my stuff that I do, rock climbing, out doors, hiking, biking, etc. But what is it that I look for in someone? I am typically drawn to people who are more artistic. More into the Opera, art galleries, nice nights at wine bars and restaurants.

I want to have a balanced relationship. I think that he should be semi into the things I do, he doesn’t have to want to come out for the week long backpacking trips that I want to do, he doesn’t have to hike 12,000feet of elevation in 24 hours. But he should at least be willing to come out and enjoy a weekend of camping with me, come out and enjoy a day of climbing. Just as I would expect that I don’t have to be drug out to EVERY opera or play in town, but I love having a nice night on the town, see a nice place, go to the art museum, see the classical music at Disney, etc.

Why is this so hard to find? UGH!

Back on the Dating Scene!

So I think I’m back on the dating scene!

This past week has been very busy and crazy. Wed night I went out with Daniel, we went bowling and had a good time, he’s very cute and we have a great time laughing and what not, but as most things go, it’s probably not really going to be much going on there because he’s a smoker and not very educated.

Work on Thursday was redic. I was supposed to have a meeting with Vic, I go over there to meet with him and his door is shut, so I walk around and ask his assistant what’s up. Apparently he was in Mexico for the rest of the week and neglected to TELL ANYONE! So I was very frustrated by that because nothing had been communicated. So I was passing around trying to figure out what all to do when I hear from behind, “Mr. Black, come have a chat with me”. So I go into the CEO’s office and we have a chat for about an hour and a half about what’s going on in the company, the HUGE project that I got approved, and how CFO is unable to delegate tasks and responsibilities. So anyways, it was good to get all that shit off my chest, but it was probably the WRONG person to have that discussion with because I really bad mouthed the CFO, in the best way possible! LOL

Thursday night Dustin came over and we went out to dinner and then the Trevor Hall concert. Which was amazing. We hung out on the bus for a little bit, chatted with Trevor and then watched the great concert. It went on for a little longer then I would have liked, but I really enjoyed it! It was great seeing Dustin and Trevor again!

Friday was more work. We had a status meeting with the big project people, Vic never called in so it was short and sweet. I yelled at the project manager and what not for not keeping me in the loop enough.

Friday night this guy from San Diego came up. He was REALLY cute. I was very very nervous about meeting him though because he had only sent me ONE pic via AIM, but he ended up being adorable! He’s former Navy and what not, done tons of shit in his life and just an all around nice guy. At one point he even mentioned off hand that he “felt like it was time to find a guy and settle down”. We went Rock climbing, then out to dinner at HT Grill, then saw “He’s just not that into you” (which was probably a bad date night movie). After that he was going to drive back to San Diego, he left but called me like 20 minutes later saying that he wasn’t sure he’d be able to make it back down there safe, so he spent the night. It was so nice cuddling with someone again! 🙂

Saturday morning we got up and ate breakfast and then he left. I spent the day cleaning my apartment and discussing with Aunt about the plans for this week with grandma being here. I was supposed to go to a birthday party that night but was very tired. Instead this guy Kevin came over, what a loser! UGH. I _HATE_ people who don’t have recent pics on profiles. Idiots! He was probably 50 pounds heavier in person then in his pics. UGH.

So I kicked him out as soon as I could and went to bed.

Sunday was typical rock climbing had a good time and a HUGE group which was cool. Going to have to start setting up 4 lines instead of just 3! After that we did lunch and then met up to go shooting. Again tons of fun! But Jason with guns = scary. He’s just so absent minded that it’s a bit scary when he has one in his hand. I did about 100 rounds on the shot gun though which was tons of fun! 🙂

That night Daniel came over again and we just cuddled on the couch, laughed a lot and watched the Fox Sunday night line up. We also made out and I felt him up a bit, for being such a TINY TINY TINY guy, he’s got a HUGE package! OMG! lol

Monday was more work the whole fucking day was just one HUGE mess. SOOO much going on, at one point I had three phone calls; one on my desk phone, one on hold and one on my cell phone. PLUS I was receiving a forth! Insanity!

I was supposed to have a date with this guy Asher that night, but he canceled on me last minute which was fine.

Today has been much better so far. Grandma gets here today!! I have a lunch meeting which is always fun (YAY free lunch) and then I am supposed to have a date with this guy Pedro tonight. I’m not sure how I feel about that one.

I’m trying to get Fabian to come back up tomorrow and just stay till Thursday. We’ll see how that goes….

I’m out!

Week in Mexico and No more Chris Rock!

So last week I was in Mexico again.

What a mess, I got to the airport and checked in. Was waiting for my flight and realized I forgot my passport! So I had to run home quickly, get my passport and then go back to the airport, check in again and get flight changed. What a mess. Then come to find out Southwest got a HUGE fine that same morning for aircraft repair problems. Anyways, got to Tuscon and met Martin. The 4 hour drive to Caborca was very AWK because Martin didn’t speak hardly any english!

Got to Caborca and met up with one of the sheds. Spent 2 hours there the first night and then went to the place to eat. Got back to the office and crashed pretty quickly.

The next morning we got up and went to eat breakfast, came back to the office and was packing up when I dropped my laptop. Broke the backlight on it and the external monitor port! So was without a laptop from then on! Oh shit! Spent the whole day at sheds, etc. It was a very very busy couple days. Didn’t get home until late each day. The final day I was there we got done kinda early. Martin dropped me off at the office and said he’d be back later, much confusion followed because I had no idea what was going on for sure. Anyways, I walked to the store and bought dinner. Martin did end up coming back like 2 hours later!

Friday we got up early and drove back to Tuscon and I got an earlier flight which was no big deal. Got back to LA and went home to play with the new computer.

Saturday I went shopping with Jason and then was at home for a little bit, then out to see a play that Dan was in. It was called “The Painting”. OMG the other guy, Lorenzo, was HOT. Holy hell. Sadly also straight and only 18! LOL The play itself was good, up until the second half when they threw in these HORRIBLE HORRIBLE story plots, suddently Dan’s person is a mean bitch, gay and a killer! FREAKING redic!

Went out with all of them after the play and had a good time.

Sunday I got up and went climbing… We had a great group and did tons of climbing. At one point Jerry gathered a bunch of people up to watch me do my new climb. I was making the move to almost make it over the toughest part and all of a sudden the WHOLE WALL comes off in my hands! A chunk the size of me and probably weighting about as much as a car just ripped right off the wall! Scary as hell! So we ended up naming the now non-existent climb “Chris Rock”, So “Chris rock, chris browned my ass!” lol.

I was pretty well cut up after that and we all know how much I HATE blood, so I was pretty light headed and what not. Went out to lunch after that and then we all went to Azusa to go hiking. Started on the Bridge to Nowhere hike and found that it would be WAY to dangerous to do in the dark on the way back. So we did another hike, which was alright. After that we all went out to a Mexican place in Azusa and had dinner.

Came home after that and basically crashed in bed.

I tried very very hard this weekend to get Matthew to come out with me, the subject of my crush lately. Sadly he rejected me again, so I think it’s time to give up and move on from him. 🙁

Anyways, this week I am going to a concert on Thursday and then perhaps a birthday party on Saturday and then rock climbing and shooting on Sunday! Woot.

Back from Caborca

So I’m back from Caborca, but writing this post in San Diego now.

La CarretIt’s been one whirlwind trip down south. We got down there about 6ish on Monday and went straight to this restaurant called “La Carret”. This place had the MOST AMAZING food ever! You get this neat little heater thing with tons and tons and tons of Carne Asada, ribs and cow udders on it. With tons of vegetables and stuff on the side and you make your own tacos. I seriously could have eaten a full one by myself! We typically had one for every 2 people on the table! Anyways, met with all the employees down there and had a good time chatting and what not. Got done about 9ish and went to the office to do some work and then got to the hotel by 11 I think.

Tuesday we got up, at breakfast at the hotel with all the co-workers and then headed out to the office. Apparently the truck we were supposed to be driving was in the shop, so we had to wait around to get that fixed. About 10 we got on the road to the first stop. Got there and found out that NONE of the passwords I was given before coming to Caborca worked! So I was basically LOCKED OUT of everything! I couldn’t do SHIT. So I get on the phone with the guy who PROGRAMMED the software and SETUP the servers/etc. He has NO IDEA what the passwords are. So I call my boss, ALSO has no IDEA what the passwords are. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! IDIOTS! Who does not WRITE DOWN THE FUCKING PASSWORDS.

Sorting AsparagusSo basically the whole trip was a wash. I couldn’t do anything that I was supposed to do. So we went onto the other sheds and had a good time, had lunch around 2ish and met up with the other 2 guys from the LA office. Found out that they both HATE my boss as well. In fact one of them got into a YELLING fight on the phone with him. It was quite hilarious! Other other sheds were fun and it was cool to see how the asparagus grows and get’s packed and what not. They also apparently burn off the fields before they start harvesting, which I find strange. But whatever!

The last one we were at right around sunset, so we drove across the fields to the base of this huge mountain, got there and found a HUGE nail in the tire, so we drove back to the farm shed real fast and stopped to change it. Well that’s when the fun started! We couldn’t get the spare tire to release and then they couldn’t get the TIRE to come off. There were 7 Mexicans POUNDING on the tire to get it off.

We again had dinner at the same place, had about 30 people there, with all of our growers and what not. It was funny because Dole came into the same place with their ONE grower, while we had like 25!!! LOL. You’d think they would have a lot more people then we are since they are such a HUGE company! Again got back to the hotel late and watched a movie and crashed, AFTER we got locked out of our rooms and had to fight with the stupid front desk people. Idiots fucking DE-ACTIVATE ALL keys every day and you have to go in and have them re-activated. How stupid!

Wed we got up and had breakfast at the hotel again and then off to the fields! Again had a good time, this was a short day and went back to one of the BIG sheds that was packing. It was cool to see it all in full force.

Went around town after that, saw the church again, did some shopping, etc. Had dinner at the same place and ate WAY to much.

Thursday was the drive home, which wasn’t too bad. Got home around 5ish, but called in sick anyways on Friday. It was a REALLY long week. And Friday ended up being REALLY long as well. People are complete idiots!

We couldn’t send ANY emails to Costco and the main phone number was NOT working at all. UGH. I also sent the boss instructions on how to add additional email accounts to someone’s Outlook. He replied back saying he couldn’t figure it out. He had ONLY followed the FIRST of 8 instructions!!!! UGH. What is wrong with people.

Anyways, so here I am in San Diego now… We went out to the shout house which was tons of fun!

Well, time to go! Adios!

Santa Cruz Island

Happy new year everyone!

So the new year was pretty boring for me, I sat at home, drank a bottle of champagne and had a boy come over. Fun stuff, no? I was in bed by 10pm! Woot, go me!

The next day I got up and went out and did some shopping and stuff, nothing to exciting, Nick got here at like 5ish and convinced me to go out and buy a Nikon D90. Hence the previous update about Best Buy sucking.

Smugglers CoveFriday morning we got up early and drove up to pick up JoEric and then off to Ventura for the weekend in Santa Cruz Island! When we first got to Ventura the weather SUCKED. It was overcast, cold, almost rainy feeling and it STUNK. We loaded up the boat with some other HOT boys and off we went to the Island. It took about 2 hours to get out there because we kept stopping for dolphins and whales and stuff. I really enjoyed seeing them, but we could have spent less time doing that.

So we got there and setup camp and then headed out on a quick trip over to Smugglers Cove. It was a pretty easy 6 mile round trip hike and the cove was very pretty. We hung out there for a while, did some hand stands, and just exploring the area. On the trip up we found some HUGE piles of rocks and were wondering what they are. Nick and I both guessed rock piles from clearing fields, but we didn’t think that was the right answer, so we came up with some more stories about aliens and what not. Very entertaining. Sadly on the way up there, I kept feeling like something was STABING my big toe. I found out once we got back to camp that I had two HUGE blisters on my toe already! NOT a good way to start the weekend!

Got back to camp and we made a delicious dinner and then hung out, played cards, talked and then went to bed!

Saturday morning we got up and putzed around the camp for a while then headed out to Manonon Peak. It was a pretty easy hike up, but with my blisters it sure was painful! We got up there around 1 or 2 because we had really taken our time and stopped a few places to enjoy the scenery. The day was much better then previous because the clouds had blown off and it was sunny! At the peak we met a Ranger and talked to her for a while about the foxes and bald eagles on the island, really learned a lot! Also found a GeoCache and signed it.

Hung out there for a while learning the Rubrix secrets and then headed down a ways, got to a nice grassy area and stopped to play frisbee for about an hour. Once the sun had set behind the mountain we headed the rest of the way down. Got back to camp around 6ish and made dinner, played some more cards and then went to bed!

Sunday was a really lazy day, we did a short hike to Potato Cove, watched the water and then went back to camp, napped, packed and then waited for the boat!

Overall it was a GREAT weekend!