Amazing 4 days – Clo

This past weekend has just been amazing. Calvin was in town and we did so much together.

I picked him up Thursday and we came home, made him dinner then went to bed. He was so tired.

Friday we got up, made him breakfast then went out to the Getty villa, third street promenade and the pier. I bought 2 new pairs of Diesel jeans too! Came home, made dinner then went out in Weho. I haven’t been to weho in ages but it was actually a fun time. Having calvin there to walk around and dance with.

Saturday we got up and putzed around the house. Didn’t do very much in the morning. Got up and ran out to Griffith Observatory which was lots of fun. It was such a pretty day up there that day. I felt bad because I kind of rushed him through the place but we still had fun.

Came home after that, got ready for the party and took a nap!

The party was amazing. I was very nervous at first because everyone was late. But in the end it was a lot of fun. 12 people showed up, 10 stayed for dinner. Awesome time. Drank so much wine and had so much food left over.

Sunday we went rock climbing, then downtown LA to the Disney center, the Ahmanson, Central market, Angels Flight and Broadway. Lots of fun and so very very cute. It was amazing to just walk around downtown and hold hands, etc.

That evening we went over to Wi Spa which was just a fantastic time. Walking around naked, relaxing, talking. The only thing I wish we could have done in addition there is to make out! 🙂 He really wants to go to a bathhouse together in Toronto and just play just the two of us. I’m not sure how I feel about that. From there we went and got KBBQ then Yogurtland.

Monday we just lounged around the house the whole day. My new bedset was delivered which was great! Calvin and I broke it in.

He told me he loved me! 🙂 We’re officially dating, we love each other. It’s just so sad he’s so far away. Ugh.

I want to know everything about him now, what he’s doing, all that stuff.

He sent me this amazingly sweet email when he got back to Toronto today. I can’t wait. In only 10 days I’ll be there with him! 🙂

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