A week I can’t even describe

This week has made me realize what TRUE love is supposed to feel like. I arrived in Toronto and Clo was running late so he wasn’t at the airport. I picked up the car and went to pick him up. Went out to dinner that evening with his mom which was super AWK but also interesting. It was good meeting his mom and his brother. They were very nice to me. Ate at this little asian place that was super delicious.

Saturday we got up and took him to his Grandpa’s then I went out shopping. Bought some supplies at Wal-Mart. Lunch came and we went off to Toronto. Did a bunch of stuff around the city. We went to this neat food fest thing that was so fun. Lots of awesome food, lots of fun wine, etc. Good stuff. From there we wondered around, went to the christmas tree lighing. That was sort of a let down. After that we went and sat down for a bit and just chatted.

That night we went out with his friend Allan. Who did not put a good taste in my mouth. Clo and I got into a bit of an argument over him. He was constantly making all these jokes about Clo being a whore, going to bathhouses, etc. It was not pleasant at all for me. His other friends that night were nice though. I’m just sad that this Allan guy choose to take this route in meeting me because now it will make it very uncomfortable anytime that Clo and I are in Toronto together (which will hopefully be a lot!)

Went home around midnight and just crashed in bed. Woke up sunday morning, putzed around the house then went to high park and then drove back to Kingston.

Clo’s place is cute. That first night we sat across his table, eating dumplings, is was so cute. I wish I could do that every single night with him.

That’s so much that we did this week. Going to school with him, meeting his Queen’s friends, having dinner, cooking together, taking showers together, all the hot sex. Having him come and find me between classes and sitting in my lap, doing his med school stuff with him, going to volleyball. So much amazing stuff happened. I wish I could write about it all, but my writing style is so boring.

One night he came home and surprised me while I was napping, I yelped as he kissed me.

Laying in his bed, working together.

Saying goodbye, or see you later, was so hard this time. Every time I thought about it I cried a little.

So much to say, so much I want to remember. So many amazing things happened. I hope that we can keep this up. I hope that we can both be strong enough for it. I hope and wish for a happy ending with this one.

This is what love feels like. This is what happiness is supposed to be!

I’m so happy!

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