Social Problems

Ugh, this breakup with Eric has caused mass social issues for me. It’s clear now who were my real friends and who weren’t.

I haven’t hardly heard from any of them since the breakup and that’s very frustrating. I’ve tried to reach out to certian ones to hang out and always get apathetic responses.

Sophia has also gone bat shit crazy. First she deleted me from facebook, then she completely blocks me and claudia. Fucking insane woman. Who knows what the fuck all that is about. I really want to email/txt/call her. 2years of great friendship and this is what I get. Thanks bitch.

So now I just spend the nights home, alone, watching TV and sleeping.

I’ve felt my body get suck lately. I can’t breathe worth shit and I am always tired/getting headaches and sweating at night. It’s not good. Probably just side effects of the HIV but Calvin also says those are all key signs of cancer. Who knows.

Calvin.. Where to start since my last update. Things have been amazing. He’s a great person, we skype, we txt, we chat, we talk about everything, bout our future, about what we want and who we are, about our days. We spend each night facetiming and saying good night. He txts me every morning. He sends me cookies. I feel so amazing.

But there’s one thing I just can’t get over. This guy Allan who lives in toronto. I can’t remember if I talked about it but this guy rubbed me the total wrong way when I met him in Toronto and now every time that Calvin hangs out with him it pisses me off like crazy. I know it shouldn’t bother me. He treats me so wonderfully and amazingly.

This distance is killing me.

Work has been fine. This stupid fucking project was postponed which drives me nuts. I really wanted to spend my birthday week with calvin. I had to yell at the project manager the other day, they just aren’t listening.


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